Almost immediate loss of consciousness occurs, and the affected person will not be able to be aroused.

The person will fall or slump over.

No pulse will be able to be detected, and there will be no signs of breathing.


  1. One person administers CPR while another calls the Emergency Services.
  2. Dial 999 – Ambulance – Ask for code to open defibrillator box (CHT-10-227) on the wall outside the Rose & Crown, Zouch
  3. Send a person to the Rose and Crown whilst contacting the Pub 01509 842240. Give them (the pub) the code and they will assist and may get the defibrillator to the Club sooner.

Note: The Rose & Crown are trained to use the defibrillator, but it is automatic – just open the box and follow the verbal instructions

An ambulance will be on its way.