Notes from the LBC AGM 29th April 2014

  1. The general conditions relating to the storage of private boats are covered in the byelaws of the club (16).
  2. For the avoidance of doubt, it is a condition that owners of private boats shall adequately insure them both on and off the water; including third party cover and that private boats are stored entirely at the owner’s risk. The club cannot insure property in which it has no interest, and this must be clearly understood by private boat owners. Therefore, if any damage is sustained to a private boat the owner must bear the loss, or inform his/her insurance company. Members must satisfy themselves on the adequacy of cover.
  3. Private Boat Storage is a matter for Committee discretion. Availability of space is a major consideration, and in practice, actual allocation is delegated to the Captain, who may, at his discretion, be assisted by a sub-committee. The Committee fixes the fees payable from time to time.
  4. The Boathouse is the place where the Club’s own boats are stored and this must take precedence over other users; there can be no right to permanent storage for private boats.
  5. Private Boat Storage may be allocated to the boathouse racking, outside racking/trestles (uncovered) or boathouse roof space, whichever is most appropriate. Members may be asked to remove their boats if the space is required for Club purposes; in such circumstances it would be appropriate to first seek the removal of boats which had not been used for some period of time, so that if possible, space would be available for boats in constant use.
  6. Members will appreciate that space is always at a premium, and the Committee hopes that everyone will co-operate with the Captain to achieve a result beneficial to all.

If you are an active member of the club and have a private boat stored at the club, please ensure that you have completed a boat registration form to accompany your membership subscription.