To help the club members practice and remember all the winding of the home we call the River Soar several crews took the water Saturday morning eager to set themselves a time to chase for next weekend. Taking the decision to use names  from Whacky Races – some closer to the edge than others – the crews picked up oars and sculls and prepared to boat. 

After several crew rearrangements the draw was published or at least the one we thought was final; when along come Annie and Cathy over 10 minutes past the last boating time! Hurrying them along and making final adjustments to the entries everyone was away including our timing team; who also had the arduous task of remembering how to set up and run the Webscorer system.

All crews now patiently awaiting the twins’ double to row up to the start with the safety launch hot on their tail with plenty of encouragement. We had all competitors turned and ready to row as the first crew eagerly anticipating the call of “Loughborough? GO?”

First off (nearly 20 minutes late) we had the Elite 2x of Rob and Jonny followed sequentially by the remaining crews.

A hard race was fought by all and the fastest time went to Eli.2x of Rob and Jonny followed by the W.IM1.2x with a respectable 47s difference. The remaing 8 crews from the trial passed the finish line all the juniors and the W.Nov.4+: one crew member hadn’t been in a boat for a number of years! Boats and blades away it was time for all racers to see their times and make that well deserved cup of tea!

Full results for all crews