29.09.2020 8:00PM

  1. Introduction:

Present: Stuart Ward, Keith Hudson, Jonathan Cox, Allen Storey, Sandra Martin, Tim Ives

Apologies: Jeff Hallam

Minutes from previous meeting:
Minutes approved and accepted. 

  1. Finance:


General:          £35,949.45
Savings:          £11,343.91
Social:            £11,764.40

Subscription Update

Members that have renewed membership to date: Senior – 32, Junior – 4, Student (non-LSRC) – 6, LSRC – 4. There are an additional eight (8) senior members expected to renew, of these, five (5) have been using Club facilities.

TI is chasing those still to renew.

S.D. Hosing Fee

S.D. have made a payment of £576.80 for their hosting fee. This represents 81% of the total due. The reduced amount is a result from a brief discussion with S.D. where there was a misunderstanding of the fees payable. Reminded that this was set out in meeting 11 May 2020 which states all hosting and storage fees are payable in full. KH to relay to S.D.

Noted that JC will take on insurance responsibilities from MC.

  1. Soaring Dragons (S.D.) and Loughborough Students (LSRC)


Question asked if we want to find additional quotes for due diligence and following our/Club policy on larger expenses. Discussion resulted in majority of members agreeing this was not necessary.

KH to share agreement for S.D. to remain at LBC for minimum of three (3)  years given that a slipway will be installed. Agreement to be signed before any works begin.

  1. Soar Head:

Soar Head OC have met and agreed that the Head will not run this year.
Due to restrictions in rescheduling competitions in the calendar this year, it is unlikely that the Head will be able to run in March/April.

  1. Rowing:


Noted that there was no response to the email for members to return ergs borrowed in March, leading to the question should the return of ergs be required. On the basis of fairness and access for all Club Members, given no one member has more right over an erg than another, TI will email for return. Also noted, with gym access there is no need for the ergs to remain at home. Additional training ‘bays’ will be marked out in the Boathouse.

  1. Social Activities and Events:

Three (3) weddings booked for 2021; May, July and August.
SM to share dates.

  1. Facilities Development

Flood Plan

KH has found previously created plan, some issues with format compatibility. KH to email to AS and have added to club drive. Some updates may be required.

Erg Room

Group has met, first plan has been put together. AS to email out to Members for comment on plan over a two (2) week period. Findings will either go to open forum or next stage in process.

  1. Coaching, Welfare and Safety:

Coaching plan for club

Previously proposed Member coaching to made available. Aims of coaching; to develop a consistent technique through the membership, help in retention of members, support members that are newer to singles and small boats.
Plan to have a few core coaching members, agree a consistent technique and make use of video for review. Noted that previously, members have lacked proactiveness to ask to be coached. Suggested that there are set times with set boat types and numbers over the week for coaching.

Use of 1-to-1 coaching mentors at any time was raised. Any coaching is positive, although those wishing to mentor others should be versed in the aid with technique.

  1. Covid-19:

Face coverings

Proposed that face coverings are used when inside the boathouse and adjusting boats. Members to be encouraged to be socially responsible and face coverings to be strongly advised.
Question over difference between 2x/2- vs 4s/8+, needs to be one piece of guidance for all. Just because you may not be in close contact with your crew, you can still spread or pick up the virus from others.

TI to email, RD to update Club RA.

  1. A.O.B:

For coxed boats, should they wish to go out, SW has purchased some clip on visors for additional mitigation.

Next meeting:

Tuesday 13 October, 8.00 pm

End of meeting

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