15.09.2020 8:00PM

 Present: Stuart Ward, Keith Hudson, Jonathan Cox, Allen Storey, Sandra Martin, Tim Ives, Jeff Hallam.

Minutes from previous meeting:
Minutes approved and accepted.


General:          £36,633.82
Savings:          £11,343.91
Social:            £11,764.40

Rowing and Facilities Development.

Question raised by KH why there is “Rowing and Facilities Development” section to the meetings, response that this has come from the development areas set a few years ago when committee was restructured. Request to separate out and have “Rowing” and “Facilities Development” topics separately. This will become effective from next committee meeting.


Following the allowance of coxless boats on the water, a brief discussion around moving beyond to coxed 4s and 8+s resulted in a request for interest in larger/coxed boats to be polled. TI to get feedback.

Question on how LBC ensures coxes/steers get coaching they want or require. 

The gym use Covid Risk Assessment and supplemental rules are in place along with a booking form online. TI/AS to share ahead of official opening from 19 September 2020.

Facilities Development.

Update on erg room extension.
Team of five (5) currently working on plans, meeting weekly. Have a list of ‘wants’ and draft plans. Plans will be shared with membership for feedback and report to Committee next meeting.

Suggestion to include one (1) paddle erg for use by S.D.

Coaching, Welfare and Safety:

The ‘Rule-of-6’ now applicable from 14 September 2020 does not apply to activities directly relating to training but it does apply to post-training socialising of members. The clubroom will remain open with members being reminded to keep in groups maximum size of six (6). Raised that no clubroom Risk Assessment, needed to ensure the Club is covered in case of any Covid infection, was yet to be circulate. SM to request for TI assistance in completing the RA.

It was noted that many members are turning up significantly early compared to their booked time. Club email to remind members the importance of sticking to the time will be sent and Committee to remind members in person when they are down if needed.

Reported that juniors have been back out and coached for several sessions now, following all guidance from the coaching risk assessment. Request for coaching to be extended to individuals who have begun single sculling over the lockdown period who are otherwise more novice. Happy for this to happen, AS to gauge level of coaching wanted and when for implementation.


It was raised that the social club provides a lot for the Club as a whole and it is conceivable that there may be no Club without the social side. The club and facilities cannot be allowed to fall behind, they need maintain. Jobs list to be compiled.

A number of events cancelled in 2020 have been postponed for 2021. Currently, there are bookings for weddings in May and July 2021.

Request for replacement bar bottle fridge, approved. SM to purchase replacement bar fridge. Consideration given for an additional under counter fridge to reduce impact on catering fridge use and increase stock in bar at any one time.

External meetings:

Nothing to report

Soaring Dragons and Loughborough Students:

KH spoke with S.D. and circulated notes from the chat.
S.D. raised slow/lack of response from LBC, suitable boat launching areas, O1s racking and a new boat arriving October.
KH response to apologise for poor communication, shared a need for regular monthly membership numbers from S.D. and re-shared that the temporary O1s rack can go in place behind the gym.

Proposal to construct a (~3m x 15m) concrete slipway with manual winch to allow LBC to retain and invest in S.D. with the benefit of LBC having easy access to the river for launches and training boats.
Single estimate of £4500.

Points raised during discussion that the slip would be useful for maintenance in launches but it could make it easier to steal the launch. It was suggested that S.D. are asked to pay into the costs by a percentage. This was countered by a compromise to secure S.D. for a minimum of three (3) years before any works would begin. KH to draft written agreement to this effect and circulate to committee.

Additional point raised to bring the installation of the slip to the membership as, with previous larger spends this has been done for feedback. Rejected without discussion.
Suggestion to gain multiple estimates being a larger spend was rejected without discussion.

Proposal to committee to go ahead with the slipway works provided that there is an agreement in place such that S.D. hosting is secured for a minimum of three (3) years.

In favour: six (6)
Abstention: two (2) (one (1) due to no further estimates being gained)


14 to 16 seniors expected to return from next week. This will potentially put 8+s use under pressure is they are not cleared for boating by that point. LBC Covid-specific Risk Assessments and Controls to be shared with LSRC.

LSRC have requested to purchase some of the old LBC shoes that came out of the boats. Committee agreed that they can have the shoes at no charge.

Boat list to go up in the boathouse for those boats to which LSRC have access.

Soar Head:

Members of the Head OC met and discussed what the Head could look like. Suggestions included; keeping only smaller boats (1x, 2x, 2-), race as a private match (invitational), reduce categories or reformat to a head-to-head. Following the government restriction in place as of 14 September 2020, there would be no allowance for non-competing individuals to socialise within the Club or on the grounds. Other events have been cancelled before these restrictions were in place due the extent of steps to make a competition Covid-secure. OC will meet again to make a final decision. 


Club ergs. Those who have borrowed Club ergs will be contacted to see if the wish to return them (optional) for use back at LBC. Any being returned will be asked to be cleaned down prior to return and quarantined for 72 hours before general use as they cannot be meticulously cleaned.

Boathouse erg spaces to be added for additional training areas.

Next meeting:

Tuesday 29 September, 7.30 pm

End of meeting

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