Present: Stuart Ward, Mary Carswell, Tim Ives, Allen Storey, Sandra Martin, Rebecca Hambleton.

Apologies: Jeff Hallam

Minutes from previous meeting:
Minutes were accepted.

Matters arising:

MC has not been successful in obtaining a current address for AP regarding overdue fees for single scull. TI/MC to resend letter across different platforms to close this matter.


General:          £44,127.12
Savings:          £11,329.67
Social:            £

Due expenditure:

  • Repairs and engine for Dory (£5117.36, less £5000 from insurance, net £117.36)
  • Club insurances, price TBC MC looking at additional quotes.
  • Payment for shoes in boats (net balance to club ~£3600) a little more than estimated due to quality steering plates being purchased.

MC has been looking to additional quotes for insurance to get the right cover for the best price; cover for damage, theft, trailering, 3rd party etc. MC to share final details with RH when sorted.

Rowing and Facilities Development?

It was stated that we are awaiting an additional quote for the sewage but suggested, from the two existing quotes, the £18-24,000 would be the better choice as it clearly set out and covered all aspects of the work, the other quote did not seem as comprehensive.

It was asked if we could supply the pipe at cost for the works. MC to acquire specification for pipe and share with SF to see if this can be supplied.

Now back from Hungary, the boats to be sent off for repair were re-raised. It was agreed that TI would send photos of boats’ damage to Trent Side for estimates. It was also suggested to try Eric Simms. (including Jolly Roger, Eric, Big Boy, Lucy, BBM)

It was raised that the sculling blades have sustained an amount of damage over time to the blade tips. If this damage is not rectified it could shortly lead to needing to replace instead of repair. TI to contact Concept2 on the repairs.

It was noted that a number of pieces of club equipment have been adjusted to suit individuals’ preferences and left as such. Members are reminded that no adjustments are to be made to the club equipment other than adding clams to blades and changing the position of the removable clips on riggers. AS to send email to this effect.

Related to the adjusting of the equipment, TI will look into changing how the blades are rigged; from boat class to athlete height.

A request was made regarding the rowing shoes to open a new order window, as it was a possibility that some members had not realised the full impact of the change. TI to organise and share with AS to email.

Coaching, Welfare and Safety:

It was stated that the region has (finally) managed to secure a Level 2 Club Coach course. The first course will be taking place over the weekends 2nd/3rd and 9th/10th November with the pre-requisite Capsize course on Sunday 17th November AS to email out and share link/s.

Winter training plans were raised for discussion again. What can the club do to provide consistent training; are we able to put a plan together; what do club members want from winter training? Discussion was also had around matching the land training to on water training and setting out key events through the year. Follow up with whole club at Open Forum.

It was suggested that we try the university again with LSRC in mind so that anything they can help with such that they would be supporting LSRC as well.


Upcoming events:

  • Sun 22nd Sep – Graduation, no bar
  • Sun 29th Sep – SD/LBC season do
  • 5th Oct – 30th birthday
  • 26th Oct – Christening
  • 14th Dec – LBC Christmas dinner

External meetings:

No external meetings in the last period.

NRSC meeting Saturday 21st Sep
Regional Council Meeting 6th November
Regional Umpire meeting 17th November

Soar Head:

It was stated that preparations for the Head have started and Di is making progress with poster. When complete, RD to share details on social media and website.

Nothing further to report at this point.


The lack of recent LearntoRow courses was raised for discussion to find someone new who is willing to lead and run these with the support of other club members. AS to email and point for open forum.

Next meeting:

Tuesday 22nd October 2019, 6.30pm

End of meeting

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