Present: Keith Hudson, Stuart Ward, Sandra Martin Tim Ives, Mary Carswell, Rebecca Hambleton.

Apologies: none

Minutes from previous meeting:

Minutes were approved

Actions arising:

Drive way and car park works have been agreed on and will be going ahead within the next two weeks. Although the majority of work will be completed during the day time, there is the possibility that it could affect the getting down to the club in the evening.

The spending plan has been updated in light of works that have gone on and will be made available on the website shortly for member to see.



         General: £36553.92
         Savings: 11288.22
         Social: £8014.79

With the change of treasurer, the club insurance was not automatically renewed. Thanks goes to Mary for the time she has taken to arrange insurance and doing so, she has made some significant savings whilst covering us for an increased amount at the same time. The savings is around the £550 mark which can be put towards meeting some requirements put forth by the insurers. For liability cover, the BR suggested company has a potential saving of up to £200 given that we have 75% of members with BR membership. KH to check the percentage of club members with current BR membership.

Rowing and Facilities Development?

The remaining two poplar trees have been felled and the spending plan update accordingly, including a nominal amount for annual remedial work in regards to trees.

Soaring Dragons

         Having been approached a short while back by Soaring Dragons proposing that they become a hosted club and boat out of Loughborough Boat Club, committee is provisionally in favour of this move with a number of details to be agreed upon and contracts drawn up. Finalisation will not be rushed into risking leaving either club vulnerable as it is foreseen that hosting Soaring Dragons will be a long term event. Financially, hosting Soaring Dragons has the potential to bring in an additional £3500 per year with minimal impact on our own training.

An EGM will be held for the club to voice any concerns and ultimately for full approval when the time comes to sign contracts.

Car park expansion

         With the drive and carpark works approved, it has also been decided that parking will be extended behind the club on to the top end of the field which will come down to the second fence post along the field edge, approximately 10m.

Erg purchase

         It has been two years since we have purchased a new erg and to keep with the agreement that was previously made, we are looking to purchase a new one this year. Following BR Indoor Championships in December, the Ergs that are taken down, which are new, are sold off at a reduced price after the event. RH to talk with Freya to organise how best to purchase and receive one. By purchasing a new one, we may then be willing to sell off one of the older ergs at an appreciable price. RH to check price of used ergs.

The row perfect machine is a valuable machine and currently gets very little use, in part due to needing some reconditioning. TI to follow up for a service and/or parts required.

Coaching, Welfare and Safety:

The swim test and capsize drill session is this coming Sunday, 1st October. Thanks goes to Zoe for organising this. Following the capsize of a couple of juniors recently and the learn to row course, it has fallen at a suitable time.

A reminder of the Club’s navigation rules needs to be given following a number of thankfully non-damaging incidents where boats have stopped in those areas specifically marked not to stop in and other crews continuing to pieces/speed work in unsafe areas. this will be raised at the open forum on Saturday 30th September. The majority of the club are abiding by the rules and practicing good water safety.

It was noted that whilst crews are going out while it is getting dark that lights must be on bow and stern of boats. The majority of crews out at this time are taking lights with them and there are a number of sets being made for the club. Following BR Row Safe guidelines, it is recommended that a white light is placed both at bow (flashing) and stern (solid) to let other river uses know in which direction the boat is travelling. 


We have successfully re-attained our 5-star environmental health rating after completing the required changes from our last inspection. A big thanks goes to all those involved in keeping the kitchen in a clean state and to those involved in the installation of the cooker hood.

A big thanks was given to Sandra for all her efforts in organising the events we have had over the summer and for making them such a success. Looking ahead, we have a Club Lunch on 22nd October, Christmas dinner 9th December (similar to last year this will be a more informal meal with music afterwards) and the Annual dinner on 14th April.

So far, we have one booking for a wedding in July 2018.

External meetings:

SW attended a club safety meeting addressing the non-rowing side of club safety. Outcomes of this have some effect on what we need to do as a club. One of those is to develop a Facilities Manager role as part of the Club Management Scheme to oversee that certain actions are taken throughout the year. This position will be introduced and discussed at the open forum.


Thanks was given to both Mike and Jerry for their continuing and unique race reports for both the Boat Club’s website and those that are sent into the Loughborough Echo.
An additional commendation was given to Hannah and Matilda for their involvement in running the Club’s new Instagram account (/loughborughbc).

Next meeting:

Thursday 19th October, 6:30pm

End of meeting