Present: Don Wix, Mary Carswell, Stuart Ward, Sandra Martin, Keith Hudson, David McCaughan

Apologies: Rob Parks

Minutes from previous meeting: minutes were approved.

Finance and Fundraising:   

Grant Application to Charnwood for £1000 toward a swift freedom 3x/2x+ has been approved, together with the amount awarded from Airport Community a Fund. Money will be released upon receipt of invoice. Boat expected delivery in October. Suggested to advertise and publicise the new boat and thanks given to both donating parties.

RP to be contacted by re account balances and state of play with changing signatories and how far along with account audit finalisation.

Rowing & Facilities Development:   

Had success at Stourport Regatta with wins from ladies 8, men’s masters 2x, women’s masters 2x, women’s j13 double, novice 1x. Great Ouse marathon also saw wins from masters 2x and women’s 8, the 8 setting a new course record for their category.
Bar floor has been costed up and added to the development plan, to be approved at an appropriate time.

In terms of the development plan, it is worth getting together and prioritising tasks and where is most pressing to aid in future development, I.e. What returns we can get for expenditures.
Big item is looking into sorting some of the lighting and boat house circuits. Previous quote for entire rewiring was around £15000, this extent is currently not required.

Gas people have suggested we have the meter moved, closer to or on the club house itself, and updated to a smart meter. If there is any cost to the club involved, then there is no point in changing it. Also to be noted, if it is inside the gates, there will be limited access. SW and DW will be present on the morning of 21st September to discuss with gas board.

A stable boat, identical to the mondego we already have has been donated through  Terry Higgins after he was contacted by a gentle p,an who had purchased it but did not use it. TH is giving thanks to the gentleman, to be confirmed with TH. would be nice to invite the gentleman down to the club to see it in use and possibly name it through him.

Coaching, Welfare and Safety:   

SW has put together a means to provide more coaching to the club, already RP, KH and Jonathan Day along with himself are happy to help out. It will be done with those willing to coach signing up on a week by week basis when they are able to give their time and members can turn up for the coaching. Ready to go as and when.  To aid continual development, club coaches will get together to develop a singular technique to work towards.

Social Activities:   

Upcoming events:  

September 19th Wedding,  September 26th ARCO fun day.

The wedding is making use of the boat house, thus hands on is required over the weekend to clear out the boats and set everything up. Look at 85-90 guests for the afternoon and up to 120 for the evening activities. Plenty of help from members before during and after event.

Sutton Bonnington show, the people visiting the club’s stand has changed and is not really what is being looked for. Either change what is done at the show for next year or call an end to it.

Website and Communications:   

A few items have fallen slightly behind due to holidays, but nothing pressing has been overlooked. DMc is more than happy to stay involved with club and website from a distance, everything is online and easily done. 

External Committees/Meetings:

No meetings attended.

Any Other Business:  

Club blazer material, a number of years ago(5/6) it was agreed to buy an excess of material for blazers to be made in the future. Purchased by the club and stored with Collier and Robinson, the tailors who made the blazers. Contact Nick Maker to  see if he recalls if it was minuted, and RP to check back to 2010/2011 accounts to find confirmation of purchase and an invoice.

Next Meeting:   Provisionally Tuesday 27th October 7:00PM. With a brief meeting covering finances before this when they are ready.