Over the summer LBC played host to Helen Leigh, who was preparing for the epic challenge of rowing the Atlantic.

After a month and a half of tracking their progress we are pleased to congratulate the Row For Freedom team, Julia Immonen, Debbie Beadle, Helen Leigh, Kate Richardson and Katie Pattison-Hart on there achievement of completing the Talisker Whiskey Challenge.


Not only did they complete the 2613 nm but set a double world record while doing so!


They are the first five-woman team to row any ocean in the world and have broken the record for rowing The Atlantic in the fastest time by an all-female crew (45 days, 15 hours and 26 minutes).


The team has had a tumultuous crossing: on dry land in La Gomera, the six-strong crew shrunk to five due to the departure of skipper, Andrea; at sea, whilst battling waves up to 30 foot high, their steering system failed, water-maker caught fire and de-salinator broke resulting in the necessity of a laborious hand-pumping process to produce drinking water.


Well done to a fantastic effort by Helen and the crew!

To discover the routes and details of their challenge take a look at the Talisker Website.