Ode to the Plough (AKA rowed to the Plough)

It rained, it poured and Burton’s sunk
So lets head off and all get drunk
But how and where? By boat and now
We’ll row the Soar and drink at t’Plough

DJ came out, and off we went
The sun came out, Oh heaven sent!
Could we do it? Yes we can
When all we had was Emma’s plan

Girls set the pace that’s Vicky and Jen
With Andys and Ian, those powerful men
Michelle was new and Jerry was strong
Zoe just grinned pulling all along

Keith brought up the rear
Bringing the launch scarily near
Henry was there ruling the boat
Normally cute in small stripey coat

And Mike was all on his own…

Through scary locks with oars drawn in
Then narrow bridges, all breathed in
Past grumpy men with baited rods
Yet Mike stayed dry despite the odds

Emma proved she’d learnt to steer
Cruising calmly past the weir
We passed the Plough and round the bend
Loughborough marked the journeys end

The eight was graceful, swift and fast
Admired by all as it flew on past
Four K done they turned her round
Serene and calm without a sound

Again the Plough, we leapt ashore
Without some beer we’d row no more
Large plates of food and lots of drink
With all that weight, the eight might sink!

With bellies full and sated thirst
Rowing the boat was hard at first
Jerry moved, to cox again
Steering us home before the rain