13.10.2020 8:00PM

  1. Introduction:

Present: Stuart Ward, Keith Hudson, Jonathan Cox, Allen Storey, Sandra Martin, Tim Ives, Jeff Hallam

Minutes from previous meeting:

Minutes approved and accepted.

  1. Finance:


General:          £38,407.26
Savings:          £11,343.91
Social:            £12,014.40 

Subscription Update

Members that have renewed membership to date: Senior – 36, Junior – 4, Student (non-LSRC) – 6, LSRC – 16.


Invoices for Hosting Fee, Launch Use and Fuel have been drawn up and submitted to Loughborough Students’ Rowing Club

  1. Loughborough Students (LSRC)

A review of the agreement with LSRC was suggested. The following amendments for further clarity and remove potential ambiguity were discussed and are to be affected.

Clause 2 – wording changed from “LSRC members are welcome at all times to row in with LBC crews…” to “LSRC members are welcome at all times to row with LBC members in mutually agreed composite crews…”

Clause 8.3 to be removed “No fuel will be provided by LBC for LSRC…” this is following previous discussion that LSRC members do not have the capacity to store fuel with AU or student accommodation. The removal of this point was overlooked.

NEW clause within “Fees” to address any potential LSRC trailer presence. Wording to the effect of “there is no guarantee that LSRC will be allowed to store a trailer on LBC grounds. If allowed, a storage fee will be applicable”

Schedule A (fees) to update year to “June 2021”

Schedule C (Equipment for use) to be updated to reflect the review of boats and for accuracy. Also, update to coxing equipment to be simplified to “Coxing equipment limited to CoxBox, CoxBox mini and associated headsets.”

Schedule D (Liaison Officers) To be updated for 2020-21 and include email address for each liaison.

Schedule E (LSRC Inventory) To add named equipment and LSRC blades.

  1. Soaring Dragons (SD)

Noted that Liaison Officer for S.D. will be passed on to KH, effectively immediately.

  1. Rowing:

Boat Club Concerns email

An email raising the issue of the total number of people down at the weekend was received by the Committee, including that a number of LSRC members waiting around to boat added to this . This was discussed over email at length and in the meeting.

All members to be reminded of COVID specific club rules and all members of all types must follow these at all times.

AS, JC and KH had met briefly with three (3) LSRC Committee members regarding this and LSRC committee fed back. Based on the feedback from LSRC and to allow LBC who; fall into the ‘at risk’ category, have people at home who are ‘at risk’ and/or wish to boat securely, the following temporary amendments for these COVID times were suggested, voted and agreed:

  • LSRC club times will be extended to 12:00 and 18:00 hours on a Saturday and Sunday morning. This is an extra two (2) hours, 12:00 to 14:00.
  • Senior LSRC members will only be allowed to row, as per paragraph 2 of the agreement, in mutually agreed composite LBC/LSRC crews from 10:30 at weekends.

Both these amendments are intended to allow LBC members clear time when they know that no LSRC members will be present and to allow LSRC members time to train with the additional AU COVID restrictions.

To mitigate contact between incoming and outgoing crews, a one-way system will be implemented for boating on and off. The area directly in front of the boathouse will be reserved for outgoing boats only and the area to the north of the sculling shed will be for incoming crews only.

Additionally, members are reminded that incoming crews have priority on the landing stage, no outgoing crews are to boat until landing stage is clear. Similarly, no boats are to be returned to the boathouse until the outgoing area is clear.

  1. Social Activities and Events:

Nothing further to report.
SM to share dates with RD to add to calendar.

  1. Facilities Development

Erg Room

A number of members replied saying they have nothing to add. Two suggestions were made by members: first, to have the ergs split eight and four rather than six and six; second, use of video on erg or side-on mirrors would be beneficial and instructional to rowers.

Erg room plan will progress to next stage of seeking estimates.

  1. Coaching, Welfare and Safety:

Annual Club Safety Audit due for submission by 29 November.

  1. Covid-19:

Awareness raised of Nottinghamshire entering the new Tier 2 “high alert” category will prevent some members using and socialising in the club room.

Noted that as Nottinghamshire is just the other side of the river, all members must adhere to guidance and be seen to following it should anything be said or raised by the public. Rowing is still an organised sport and there is no change to club on-water activities.

It was raised by a member that some members seem to be socialising for extended periods of time in the clubroom. While there has been no restriction set on this, members should be considerate that do not monopolise the clubroom preventing any others from being able to enjoy a few minutes rest and a coffee.

  1. A.O.B:


Next meeting:

Tuesday 3rd November

End of meeting

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