Present: Keith Hudson, Stuart Ward, Sandra Martin Tim Ives.

Apologies: Mary Carswell, Rebecca Hambleton

Minutes from previous meeting:

Minutes were approved

Actions arising:

KH has spoken with Bob from Burton about members completing their RYA L2. The next course will be held in March next year. Depending on numbers from the club we may have our own course or join in with another group. A list for LBC members who are interested in completing their RYA L2 will be put up. Estimated cost of course is £65, a significant discount from most courses. In the meantime, the club will give some in-house training on launch handling to those who express an interest.

Payment to concept2 has been made for the set of 8 sweep blades. Collection to be organised

Agreement to purchase a new erg following the British Rowing Indoor Championships in December. Once purchased, an older erg will be sold on, offered to club members first.

Having looked into the cost of servicing and repair of the Row Perfect, it was agreed that the cost outweighed the use of it thus it will be put up for sale and the amount for which it sells will be put towards concept sliders which give the same effect as the Row Perfect.

Storage cabinet for launch fuel has been looked into, some more research needed to find the most suitable.




Change of signatories is taking place to align all accounts, a new separate Social account will be set up to keep accounts from overlap.

Rowing and Facilities Development?

Soaring Dragons have responded to an initial proposal and are currently arranging a time and date to come back down and discuss further. There are still many meetings and discussions ahead before any contract can be signed.

After the last learn to row course we have had a number of member join, predominately juniors: Lily, Isobel, Daniel and Oliver. One senior rower, Olivia, has joined. All new members approved by committee.

Coaching, Welfare and Safety:

It is great to see that crews are following the club course safety; not stopping on corners and not continuing pieces past the final style and outside the club.

After the winds this week, although the course is pretty unscathed overall, it is worth noting that the tree which previously fell long the island has moved slightly and with the forecast winds this weekend could move further. It is a substantial tree and could pose difficulties if it falls.

The winter time trial series so far seem to be being well received, numbers for the second one are up although, again, due to forecast winds an alternative form of time trial

Proposal to move the time for the time trials from 10am start due to its current impact on training sessions, to a 9.30am start. The change would still allow crews to have an early session and will not impact on the junior session starting at 10:30. 


Club lunch this Sunday is looking healthy numbers, around 60.

Next club event is bonfire night/fireworks on 4th November. Details to be arranged.

External meetings:

The East Mids Regional Committee AGM is on Wednesday 25th October, KH and SW will be in attendance.


Gary Mills, an electrician has been down to the club to have a look at getting an electricity check and certificate. Best approach is to replace the main consumer units with a single one, updating it to current safety standards. Testing and potential rewiring of some of the club. Estimated cost for two people for two days is £1200.

Next meeting:

Tuesday 21st October, 6:30pm

End of meeting