Present: Mary Carswell, Stuart Ward, Sandra Martin Tim Ives, Rebecca Hambleton.

Apologies: Keith Hudson, Don Wix

Minutes from previous meeting:
Minutes were approved

Actions arising:

 All accounts and mandate changes are now complete. RH. KH and sec with access to the General and Trustees/Savings accounts and KH and sec with access to the new Social Account. When KH returns form work the old Social account will be closed with remaining funds transferred to the new one. With this being the case, outstanding expenses will start being paid.

COSHH cupboard for storage of petrol. SW has spoken to someone at the marina who is willing to swap the fuel tank from the catamaran for one identical to the other we have so that they can both be stored upright in the small grey cupboard at the back of the boat house.

Council and Petroleum Enforcement still to be notified. SW



         General: £33,950.94
         Savings: £11,288.22
         Social: £761.09 (+£570.00 in new social)

Payments to Concept2 for the 8 new sweep blades and new erg to be made by BACS now that access to accounts has been finished.

This year’s accounts will be downloaded and RH will work with Scott to organise them for verification and presentation at the AGM in April.

Regarding club expenses, it was agreed by committee that a copy of the invoice as pdf/image etc is submitted with the online form (now a required field) and sufficient details in the appropriate box would suffice for expenses to be paid with preference for the originals to be submitted as well.

Going forward, all utility bills etc. will be changed to the Boat Club’s address to ensure that all important documents are kept locally. Bearing this in mind, a larger post box for the front gate is to be purchased which will be enough to hold larger letters and is more secure. Start getting in touch with utility companies to begin the change of addresses.

The Club’s liability insurance is up for renewal at the end of December. The change of provider will increase what we are covered for including more sport-specific incidents. The change of provider to the BR recommended provider also comes with a reduction form around £600/year to £400. This is, however reliant on at least 75% of Bat Club members having a valid BR membership.

Rowing and Facilities Development?

Soaring Dragons proposal. The last few amendments to the draft proposal are being finalised before it is sent to Soaring Dragons and submitted to Club members ahead of an EGM for its approval. A provisional date of Saturday 16th December, 10am has been set, dependent upon the availability of a Soaring Dragons’ representative. This also gives time for both Soaring Dragons and LBC club members to have their say before a final proposal is put forward at the EGM. If the 16th is not viable, the EGM will roll over to January. Make contact with SD and forward on the draft proposal for their perusal.

An old Coxbox (made 1995) went in for repair to Oarsport but they said that it was not repairable. The decision to purchase a replacement CoxOrb was made. The CoxOrb is compatible with existing speakers and wiring in the boats and fits in the existing Coxbox mounts. The cost of the top range Coxorb with full package is £695, the comparable Coxbox is £663 however the Coxorb comes with a greater range of features including check measurement, recording of the cox, GPS for speed and surge meter for rate rather than seat magnets (which are still compatible). All data recorded during an outing is easily transferable to a computer via USB. A demo unit for trial will be being sought before final purchase. Old cox box to be collected from Oarsport by RD.

MC to add into spending plan an amount towards coxing equipment each year.

Current boat damages:

Big boy has a hole in the stern end after the rack it was on blew over while it was outside for a wedding earlier in the year.

Due to an incident a short while back, both Carillon and Lucy have sustained damage putting them out of action. It was requested that club members are made aware of these damages and that it can cost a lot to repair these damages meaning that money is not available to purchase new equipment. Following the incident not one of the four members involved made any effort to point out that the boats were damaged either by letting the captains or committee know but at least writing it up on the board.

Incidents that result in boat damage can be easily avoided when people adhere to the club navigation rules, keeping a good look out and making other crews aware of their presence irrespective of distance or positioning on the water. This will be raised at the EGM as a reminder.

Coaching, Welfare and Safety:

Following two recent incidents on the water; a capsize and a collision it was brought to the attention of the committee that these have remained unreported which goes against both the Club and BR rules. Parties involved are to be made aware of their obligation to fill out the online BR incident reporting form and LBC’s incident log book. RD/TI to make contact.

General safety email to be sent to re-remind members of navigation rules and what is expected of them when incidents occur.


This year’s Christmas Dinner will be held on the evening of Saturday 9th December. There is a set menu of: Soup, Turkey/Vegetarian and mince pies/Christmas pudding. Email has already been sent and sign-up sheets are online and in the clubroom. Dinner will be followed by live music and the cost for this year’s dinner is £15.

Now that the Soar Head is passed, a time and date to get the decorating of the kitchen finished off is to be set. SM to organise.

A welfare point was passed to committee about drawing up a welfare statement, checking DBS statuses and a reporting procedure. Whilst these issues are important, it was pointed out by committee that it is not the role of committee to put these documents together but rather approve documents submitted by the Welfare team.

External meetings:

East Midlands Regional Race Council.
         The main outcome of the meeting was that, following the dissolution of the BR council, regional councils and clubs are on their own more than ever, more reliant on voluntary positions and will have to source their own funding.

East Midlands Regional Umpiring Committee
         There was discussion over how the RPI system is working and on the whole, it appears to be working as intended but events should still take into account crews’ old points while still available. In addition, coxes’ points are being collated although they are not visible on the BROE system as of yet.

Boat safety was raised and the idea of holding a mini Control Commission during club time came out of the discussion which LBC committee support. This as boats that may not pass at event control commission are still being used at the clubs.


SW as investigated purchasing some club ties and bow-ties. They will be identical to the existing ones as the company who the Club ordered form previously (about 30 years ago) are still in operation. Having collected rough numbers of interest, committee were in favour of giving some money towards buying in a stock of ties and bow-ties which will come back to the club. SW to organise.

Next meeting:


End of meeting