Notes for first timers – to give you an idea

  1. Let the Captain know in plenty of time that you would like to take part in an event.
  2. Ensure you have a racing licence –
    1. go to
    2. Navigate to “About us and then Membership” page.
    3. You will need Gold membership to obtain a racing license.
    4. Follow menu to “sign up for membership”.
  3. If selected to row you will need to arrange to pay for the event and trailer towing. Generally one member of the crew arranges to pay for the whole crew and then gets individuals to pay them directly. The membership secretary collects all the payments and remember there is a five pound penalty for paying later than the Thursday before the event.
  4. It is useful to get the telephone numbers and email addresses of your crew.
  5. You will need to arrange with your crew to get your boat de-rigged and loaded onto the trailer, along with seats, riggers, buoyancy bags if necessary, blades and trestles. If another crew is using the same boat liaise with them and arrange to share duties. This is usually done on a Thursday evening (Saturday racing) or Saturday morning (Sunday racing).
  6. Final loading will take place on the morning of the race. The captain/ coach will send a general email to all crews about loading / times to be at LBC to help. It is essential that you look out for these emails and read them. You may be asked to help with final loading.
  7.  Liaise with your cox to ensure a life jacket and if necessary cox box have been packed.
  8.  You will need to arrange to get to the event! You can travel together as a crew, independently or see if a lift is available with other members of LBC.
  9.  It is vital to look at the event web site. Here you will find out all the information you need about the event, including course, safety aspects and instructions to competitors, parking plan, boating times and start times.
  10.  Arrive at the event in plenty of time – at least one hour beforehand to rig the boat and get on the water. If you are the first to use the boat you need to be there at the same time the trailer arrives to help. If you use are last to use the boat you need to be there to de rig the boat and upload onto the trailer, tying on, fixing trailer to transport and help with general clearing up.
  11. You then need to arrange with your crew and any other crew who has used the boat to get it re rigged and back on the racks in the boathouse ready for the next training session.
  12. Finally the trailer needs emptying of blades, trestles etc and rubbish.
  13. It’s a really good idea to buy your own rigger jigger (not expensive) label it with your name and keep it with you in the boat, just in case there is a loose nut.
  14. Time for a beer or lemonade! Don’t forget to thank your cox, trailer drivers and buy them a beer or lemonade.