Subscriptions Fees as of 01 May 2021 (Provisional)

Should you have any questions or queries regarding membership, please contact the membership secretary who will endeavour to answer any enquiries that you may have.

 Membership is paid through British Rowing‘s ClubHub/GoMembership platform  

Membership TypeFee before 31st MayFee after 31st MayInstalment amount (and total) paid by instalments
Full Year Student£206£231£24.50(£245)
Term-Time Student£154£154£33(£165)
Vacation-only Student£103£103n/a
Coxing or Coaching£0£0n/a
Gym User£154£154£16.50(£165)
Parent Supporter£0£0n/a
Boat Storage

*    Junior Membership is considered for those under 18 years old.

**  The cost of boat storage is dependent on the number of seats the boat has. Please contact the membership secretary for further information for storing boats which are larger than a single scull.

Details on private racking can be found in the Members area of the site.

Family Discount – Family discount applies to a family of 3 or more rowers and entitles the family to 10% off the full fees due.

Where there is an early payment incentive, this is applicable only to full membership when paid before 31st May of that club year.

Complete a boat registration application (Private boat storage only).