Loughborough Boat Club Committee Meeting Minutes

Present: Keith Hudson, Stuart Ward, Sandra Martin, Jonathan Cox, Allen Storey, Jeff Hallam
Apologies: Tim Ives



Current:          £35,394
Savings:           £11,344
Social:              £13,496

To date, members who have renewed membership for the 2021-2022 year: 15 senior, one junior.

Loughborough Students

Request for boats to be trailered and used at BUCS (24-26 June 2021). Agreed.

Proposal to purchase an additional hwt 2-/2x- for LSRC use to alleviate where there are multiple crews sharing the same boat. Suggestion of £600-800 to spend on such a boat. Neil will bring down a pair currently being repaired for club to look at.

Soaring Dragons

Nothing to report



            It was noted that to is good to see the number of people around the club but there is the need to ‘grow our own’ club members through the L2R courses. A group of Club members to volunteer to help run the course. Date TBC although this will be one weekend in July after BUCS and when the majority of LSRC members have returned home. AS to email information and request for volunteers.

Facilities Development

Need for maintenance around the club was raised as there has been very little work completed over the last 18-24 months. Jobs list to be drawn up and shared. Email notice for all members to confirm a date.

Goal set for erg room plans to be submitted by this weekend for checking over.

Social Activities

Noted that a cleaner will be starting at the club from Thursday 27 May. The changing rooms will not be cleaned initially as they are not yet fully in use.

A set of new pedal bins has been ordered.

Coaching, Welfare and Safety

One NRSC meeting 18 May. Nothing to report from meeting.


Noted that clubroom risk assessment and guidance is still outstanding. SW circulated starting point from HSE and Charnwood Borough Council.
TI shared existing Risk Assessments from gym and rowing to assist.


Noted that a floating pontoon will be moored up by the club over night for a few nights this week while work is being done on the bridge. Donation of £200 is being given to the Club. AS to email notification.

Raised that a member who would like to join LBC has not received a reply from the membership email. RD to re-share email details with those who need them for the membership email.

Date of next meeting

Monday 7 June

End of Meeting