Present: Mary Carswell, Stuart Ward, Sandra Martin, Tim Ives, Rebecca Hambleton, Allen Storey, Jeff Hallam.

Minutes from previous meeting:

Minutes were approved

Actions arising:

A welcome given to Allen and Jeff on joining committee.

With the change in committee positions, TI has agreed to take on organising RYA.



General: £30,751.10
Savings: £11,318.38
Social: £12,377.90 (Inclusive of £1900 of WRMR deposit)

Financial regulations to be drawn up to cover:

o Rigour on club expenses
o How we pay members for specialised services
o Use of club truck
o Running of committee

Further looking into replacement of club truck options is needed. What sort of vehicle? Communication with Mark, JH to organise.

Larger spends:

  • Sportlyzer subscription,
    Wooden boards for boathouse flooring and decking: £718.30, £525.58
  • Submission of mandates, TI to be added to accounts in place of Keith.

Soaring Dragons fees. Hosting fee to be paid in single amount and then membership fees monthly. RH to organise with SD treasurer. MC to email RH with full details.

Spending plan to be updated taking into account fully social and facilities spends. MC, TI, SM to organise.

Rowing and Facilities Development:

BAT logic shoes proposal. After raising the BAT logic shoes with the club and the positive response received, committee will move forward to put together a proposal, costing etc and present to the club. AS to lead on communications.

ClubHub. Everything is set up on ClubHub and first members have paid through the portal. RD/AS to email reminder email.

Coaching, Welfare and Safety:

DBS checks to be chased up, JH, SW to follow up with Kate.

Coaching proposal. A proposal was put to committee to employ a coach for a series of sessions. Discussion was had by committee with the following points coming out of it:

– The club is in favour of having coaching (paid or not)

– Any coaching must be available for all

– How would the coaching be managed so that it if fair for all and all get the benefit?

– The proposal would be a large commitment, so suggestion to talk to coach and arrange a trial.

– If we are paying for coaching, why are we not paying Stuart? Coming back to financial regulations to be set up.

Pathway following learn to row course needs development to encourage those on the course to continue. There have been some changes that we have made recently, to bring people down and and when they make contact rather than waiting for a course.


Proposal to refresh the club banqueting chairs with a full set of 120 matching ones. Proposal for ~£10/chair. This would add to and improve what we can offer as a venue and will match the 120 places we have purchased in cutlery and crockery over past few years. SM to submit a formal proposal but committee are all in favour.

Question raised on costs for venue hire. Shared that just full venue is £1200 with extra for everything else, members receive a part/full discount. SM to share full fees to committee.

Fisher scientific have asked about arranging a dragon boat event. SM to speak with Mike (SD) to see if we could make this work.

External meetings:

EMRRC meeting postponed.


MC raised point about changing trustees of the club. The idea to have those more closely involved with the club. Existing trustees to be contacted and MC to look into how we would do this and to write proposal to club. Communication with TH.

AS to email club.

Option to register the club as a CASC (community amateur sports club) there are possible benefits to this including guaranteed non-domestic rates discount. Further exploration to be undertaken by MC and RD to contact other clubs to see their position with it.

Suggestion to move committee to a slightly more regular date; every second Tuesday/Thursday of the month. Agreed certainly from later in the year we will work around this premise for now keep reasonably close to a particular week.

Next meeting:

Tuesday 18th June 7:30pm

End of meeting