Present: Mary Carswell, Stuart Ward, Keith Hudson.

Apologies: Sandra Martin, Tim Ives, Rebecca Hambleton

Minutes from previous meeting:

Minutes were approved

Actions arising:

Air horns have been purchased to ensure full coverage for fire safety.


         General:      £28,743.75
         Savings:      £11,295.83
         Social:        £409.79 (+£2653.85 in new social)

Spending plan:

Successful sale of the two older model C ergs. The sale of these and the rowperfect previously will allow for the purchase of a new model D, bringing all ergs up to the same version.

Truck replacement. Suggestion raised that we keep the truck as it is until end of life. For replacement, it was agreed to be clear about the specification for a new towing vehicle; type, size, age etc.

         Discussion of putting down some form of hard standing between the boat house aprons. This could be matting that sits in the grass, paving slabs or other. To be followed up.

         Boat licensing needs to be looked into so that we are compliant with the appropriate regulations. SW/KH to look into and come to an arrangement.

         It was agreed by all present that the works to be done on the skiff will be removed from the sending plan. This item has been a long standing one which has had no progress made and is currently surplus with the two coaching launches that we currently have.

         Ergo room update. MC has spoken with people that will put together a design. They would construct the building up to a water tight state and as a club we would finish everything else. The extended room would be interlocked to the gym to avoid any dead space between the two.

Rowing and Facilities Development?

Agreed to go ahead with the sweep oar rack quote from Sileby Fabrications for £132.

Following KH’s continuation of boat work, he has estimated that it would take up to another 5 hours of work. Before any further work is approved, KH needs to supply a proposal and priority of boats including costs and hours.

Coaching, Welfare and Safety:

As approved at the previous committee meeting, Sportlyzer subscription was purchased and is having a positive effect on the junior training as Stuart can see in advance which juniors are due for sessions and can plan accordingly. With the number of juniors there is capacity within the subscription to extend this to another squad. To be followed up TI/SW.

The club was approached a little while back by someone offering coaching to the club. The move looks promising and the club is welcoming the offer. To start with, it is looking like she (Hannah) will be available Tuesdays with a view to increase this based on work commitments. To be followed up.


External event 26th May, a birthday party.

External meetings:

Nothing to report.

Soaring Dragons:

SD have  proposed that they hold a social event Saturday 2nd June 1-6pm. Approval has been given as the club will be at Peterborough Regatta and it is out of club hours.

Mike from SD has passed on to say that everything is going well with them still.


The club is compliant with the GDPR. Whilst we do not need to gain explicit permission to hold certain information about our members as it is held for a legitimate purpose, a consent check box has been added. The email system has its own inbuilt compliance, however, those who have not confirmed that they wish to receive emails will not receive them until they do so.

Membership secretaries to be invited to the next committee meeting RD.

Next meeting:

TBC. RD to make contact to agree a date.

End of meeting