Present: Mary Carswell, Keith Hudson, Stuart Ward, Rob Parks, Sandra Martin Tim Ives

Minutes from previous meeting:
Minutes were approved

Welcomed TI to the committee and SW for his new role.



Headings on the accounts for truck to be expanded to; parts, insurance, MOT etc. KH and RP to arrange.

Club truck
         Recent spends on the truck include new clutch (£360), brakes – pads, discs, callipers – (£400). Looking ahead towards replacing the club truck, it is getting old and currently we are spending more on it. When sold, it should still be worth something even as a work-horse vehicle. Questions raised about the life we have left in it and what to do following it. Idea proposed to replace it with a transit crew cab flatbed (6 seat?) as many clubs are opting for recently. This would give more room for riggers, blades and trestles in the back of the truck and will give us many years of service. Will look into other types of vehicle. A cost to be finalised following the spending plan but deadline of no more than 24months (May 2019)

Used blades from boat race crew are available at Concept2, one full set of 8 for £150/blade (£1200 all in). With the majority of the current sweep blades being 20+ years old, all agreed that the purchase should be made following MC and KC checking where it falls into the spending plan.

KH and MC to also look at building in a rotation for boat replacement, with a maximum spending cap on each one, with committee approval. Similarly, a series of outgoing boats to be decided upon in line with replacements.

Soar Ahead to return very shortly.

After damage to Jennifer (2x) KH has had a second quote (£400), much less than the original. KH to move boat from Trentside and trailered to Pete.

RP, KH, MC to make contact with bank to gain access for SM and membership secretaries to have a ‘read-only’ access to the accounts so that payments can be easily checked.

Rowing and Facilities Development:

Club Management Scheme update
         Roles are filling up quickly which is good to see; so many members willingly signing up, email out update to CMS to club. KH to forward on currently filled out roles.

AM was unable to fulfil the role signed up for at the AGM so the communication position remains open. MC to provide a position role description to email and advertise to the club. The current position does in part concern itself with external communications and working with a fundraising and sponsorship team.

         So far only 10 completed membership forms. Email with reminders (already scheduled) for members to fill in their forms for this year and pay their membership before 31st May to take advantage of the early payment discount.

Concern raised over members who may not have fully paid up their 2016/2017 membership, RP to check account. If members in question are not paid up their membership will be suspended until full payment is made.

Some updates to the membership web forms to made, sec to complete:

  • Rewording of “full membership” to “active” as changes in types of membership changed at AGM.

Removal of information regarding points and experience; this information serves very little and only makes filling out the form more time consuming. In its place will be an open field to cover all of said information: “Please detail any experience you have in rowing, including any coxing or coaching experience and any previous clubs”

  • Additional option on form to be added: ‘type’ of membership; novice, current/returning, previously rowed (i.e. other club) This will also help AB and CB with different types of membership.

Reminder that all new members to the club need to be presented to committee for approval.

Coaching, Welfare and Safety:
Nothing new to update on.

Point raised about when incidents occur on the water whether members pay a contribution to the costs. Do members pay a certain % of the cost divided by all those involved. To be raised at open forum (date Saturday 10th June, 10am).

         Members do want an external coach, even if only twice a month and are willing to pay for it. One option to pay for the coaching would be through an optional additional subsidy with their membership to cover the coaching and overheads to the club so that the coach is covered by the club should anything happen.
To be included in open forum

Derby have radios in boat for coaching so that many athletes can be coached at the same time with specific plans given. Do LBC adopt this? Current coaching works very well with SW, but is something to think about.

Consideration to return to set boating times as the previous times have become very much a turn up and row when you want which can cause disruption to training sessions. TI and SW to look further into this.

Introduction of ‘go-to’ session cards with a hard, medium, light session with technique too, similar to British gas ones for swimming and Concept 2 for ergs. They will be there to grab when members/crews are unsure about what they want to do. TI to lead.


No updates, still four weddings over summer, first one June 17th it will be good to see how well the CMS comes into action.

Social/facilities: suggestion to invest in a cooker hood for the kitchen. When the fryer and cooker is on for events, the smells drift which is not pleasant for guests and lingers for some time after too.

External meetings:


Open forum –
         Reintroduce the quarterly open forums, to be led by members with minimal input from committee. Idea to discuss current thinking and topics in the club including the spending plan. Forums to be followed up with email blast to cover discussion and spends, email members.

Thought to move AGM to a weekend morning, between sessions to encourage greater turn out, recent years have had fewer numbers.

Next meeting:

AGM Tuesday 20th June 2017, 7.30pm

End of meeting