Present: Mary Carswell, Keith Hudson, Dave McCaughan, Stuart Ward, Sandra Martin, Rob Parks.

Minutes of previous meeting: The minutes were approved.
Minutes from AGM: approved for circulation to club.

Matters Arising:

  • Catamaran repair – ongoing, dependent on getting access to available slipway, hopefully during half term, 19th-23rd May
  • Coaching – SW has spoken to Jonathan Day and Gill Hepworth re coaching, both are willing to assist in various capacities, also looking to instigate ‘coaches meetings’.


Major spends since previous meeting: repair to Quasi’s bow, £600.All monies transferred to general account as agreed at AGM leaving an operating amount in other accounts. RP to converse with Zoe Hudson further about Soar Head account.Expenditure for development teams: development plans to include an estimate of cost for plan items, relevant team leaders to be notified to make changes.

Savings and funds:

As a minimum, committee agrees to put away £500/yr for club vehicle replacement, £1000/year towards new boat fund. Point raised about ergs, is it necessary to keep purchasing an erg a year. We have 8, however agreed that the older model could still be updated. KH to add erg purchasing to relevant development plan.
On boat purchase, the next boat looking to be purchased by the club will be a heavy weight coxed four/quad, no date of purchase set.


Discussion about routes to fundraising. For smaller short-term goals, e.g. A new cox box/erg, get club members involved in various activities. For larger purchases, e.g. A women’s 8+ look towards grants and other funding. RP to communicate with Anna Parks (fundraising co-ord) to look into available finding opportunities.

Rowing and facilities development:

9 wins at Shrewsbury regatta, a good start to the year, juniors still proving strong.
KH has emailed those interested in learn2row course, a range of male, female, juniors and seniors. Currently the junior interested have been invited for an initial taster and offered the L2R course however, being told junior membership is full. SW to talk with Kate Henry (junior co-ord) about current junior situation and juniors that are currently paying but inactive.
Topic of juniors coming down at 8am on Saturday and Sundays, it only applies to few that come down with parents, officially there is no junior coaching, SW, boat priority will be for senior rowing at 8am if/when a conflict occurs. SW to communicate this to juniors.Allocation of £1000 to bar/clubroom development for completion in time for wedding this summer. KH to purchase materials over half-term (23/05-1/06).Booking out board needs refreshing to ensure all boats are on there and people are encouraged to use it. DM to email, reminding members that the board is there to be used.

Coaching welfare and safety:

Club fire safety has been completed by Kev Carswell.
A check list of ‘what to do if…’ To be drawn up and all staff working behind bar, particularly for non-club events to be made aware. SW, SM and KC to write up, SM to ensure social committee, at least, are aware and any external staff.
Fire safety plan to include a plan of building with fire extinguishers are located and fire exit routes.
SW has created a general maintenance book to be filled out whenever anything is done, e.g. Launch engine service as a point of reference, book to be located in clubroom cupboard. DM to email to this effect.Social activities/events: upcoming, surprise 50th birthday, christening and a wedding reception (15.09.15)Agreement to aim for 2 to 3 big events a year, potential for more wind dedicated core of organisers.SM to include ‘suitable for marquees’ into pack for advertising the boat club as a venue. Having a marquee in field makes better use of the space instead of emptying boathouse each time, also hasn’t entail to make the club more money if marquee is provided by club.

Website and communications :

DM nothing to report. Further draft committee agendas to be forwarded to development team leaders for any points they wish to be raised.

External committees/meetings:

Regional meeting 14.05.14, KH and SW in attendance, relevant information to be brought up at next committee.

Any other business:

Replacement of wooden sweep oar handles, RP to begin replacing handles with spares we have, moving on to new style adjustable plastic handles. Handle replacement to be added to development plan, KH.

Flood plan:

Official club flood plan to be put together by RP with SW for in the event of flood, including the boat club itself is safe form flood water, built on stilts, when flooding is likely, boats are moved above flood level etc. this is required by flood relief funding. A copy of the freehold for the land to be provided to RP also. MK to check with Terry Higgins.

Next Meeting: Tuesday 17th June 7:45pm at the Club House.