Loughborough Boat Club Committee Meeting Minutes

Present: Keith Hudson, Stuart Ward, Sandra Martin, Jonathan Cox, Tim Ives, Allen Storey

Apologies: Jeff Hallam


Soaring Dragons have the potential to develop on LBC site, but there are concerns from the SD that more boats/assets for club development will incur paying more in hosting fees. Currently, SD have got ownership of an additional 20-man dragon boat and a trailer has been ordered. A grant has been secured for two Canadian canoes, a paddle ergo and a single/O1. Concerns passed on that the growth of SD would not be affordable in terms of their hosting fee.


Discuss where LBC stand financially with or without SD, how we can support the SD as a hosted club, what storage space could be offered for their assets and how we maintain parity between SD and LSRC with any agreements made.


Thanks given to JC for preparing overview of finance relating to SD and LSRC, particularly in short notice.  With the slipway going in, this will be able to support SD further with the launching of boats and has been supported by their fees from the last 3 years. Feeling that the slipway would be more benefit to SD with LBC having minimal use in comparison.

Issue raised that SD have been paying on an honesty policy with memberships and no fixed numbers of members supplied each month. Difficulty to fully assign what is being paid if it is a true reflection. Noted that SD will not receive a one third discount as they have not been expected to pay over the lockdown periods.

Raised that SD have new boats as detailed. Including the additional O1 and 20-man boat, this would increase their hosting fee from £712 to £1246 per year for 2021-2022. The growth of any club has additional expenses but also has an increased income. Currently, hosting fees based on boat size is fully in parity between SD and LSRC.

It was felt that there may be a cash flow issue with SD’s own members and how they charge for membership. Noted this is not for LBC to pass comment onto SD and that LBC committee had previously mentioned charging an appropriate amount for members.

Suggestion for the 2021-2022 hosting fee to be parked for a period of time and paid when SD have the capital.

Point raised around dragon boat corporate events that have been proposed previously by SD. These events take less preparation than weddings for set up (est. 60+ man hours) and have ability to raise an equal income to the clubs as weddings. Suggestion if there was a dragon boat for the use in corporate events and racing only, LBC could offer some reduction in the hosting for that boat. Corporate events still need a full plan with a sit down.

Storage of SD assets on LBC land was discussed to include additional boats and trailer. Previous proposal for an O1 racking had already been agreed, SD need to enact this temporary structure. Agreement that the O1 racing can go around the waste tank but not directly over it. Suggestion also for some fencing around the area to tidy up the aesthetics.

Additional racking newly proposed for SD crew boats given suggestion of the bottom of the field near the slipway (to be) as a temporary structure which can be removed such as for Soar Head.

Discussion around SD trailer on site. Fee for trailer needs to a suitable balance for what SD are offered by having the trailer on site and the space occupied. A figure of £100/year was agreed. Additional suggestion that could SD store their boats on the trailer? For SD to discuss.

Agreed that hosting fee for 2021-2022 will be the same as 2020-2021 (£712), excluding trailer fee, to allow SD to build up accounts after the 2020 season of reduced paddling. The 2022-2023 fee will increase to meet the schedule of fees as per the agenda.

Discussion with SD on or around 1 April 2021 when ability to meet face to face.