Present: Mary Carswell, Stuart Ward, Sandra Martin, Tim Ives, Rebecca Hambleton, Keith Hudson.

Minutes from previous meeting:

Minutes were approved

Actions arising:

Severn Trent to meet on site with KH/MC 19th or 21st March to discuss positioning of waste tank.



General:          £33,687.09
Savings:          £11,318.38
Social:            £10,499.27 (This includes £1700 of WRMR deposit)

Rowing and Facilities Development?

Gearbox for Dory is needed. This needs to be replaced before training camp at Peterborough. Committee have agreed a go ahead of value up to £500, if it is more then to be circulated for approval. KH to organise.

Work Weekend
It was suggested to hold a work weekend as the weather improves to give the club some needed TLC. Agreed that this would take place over the May Bank Holiday (4th-6th May). TI and KH to produce ‘jobs list’, RD to email notification.

Club Truck
Mark has been in contact with Sandicliffe to see about sponsoring a new truck or at least for WRMR. Commented that Jerry was going to draft a letter on behalf of the Club. RD to contact Jerry.

Coaching, Welfare and Safety:

Training Camp.
TI has organised training camp for Easter weekend at Peterborough City with Charlie Simpson. Use of lake, river and the club. Around 30 member are going, good take up. 


Annual Dinner
Payment and Menu to be confirmed by SM/SW. Kaz Lander who rowed the Atlantic will be a guest speaker.

External meetings:

Next BR Safety Committee 26th March. RD and SW attending.


Date for AGM is confirmed as Saturday 27th April, 10am start.
RD to email notice.

Subscriptions proposal.
Proposal to follow BR use of 3% increase based on RPI. As with 2018-2019 all subs are now a set percentage of the active senior membership.

There was discussion over payment by standing order. Existing members renewing their membership wishing to pay by standing order will have to make the first of their 10 instalments on or before 1st June. After this the full amount will be due. New persons joining through the year will be dealt with in an ad-hoc basis.

Membership payment through ClubHub.
Committee discussed the use of ClubHub for membership payments. There is a fee for using this of (2%) and it was raised that an additional 1% increase in membership fees due for 2019-2020 could be applied to cover part of this cost. Committee discussed further and agreed that no additional percentage increase would be applied to the 2019-2020 memberships for those paying on time before end of May; the Club will cover the fees itself. This decision was a result of the clearer tracking of memberships and potential to pick up those that may have previously slipped through. Use of ClubHub for payment will require those without a BR membership to sign up to the Club’s page (no BR membership required) and will be the primary payment method.
RD to check that all membership types are covered on ClubHub.

Soaring Dragons
The racking fee for Soaring Dragons was discussed and as agreed previously, the fee for 2019-2020 will increase to match that of the quoted fees. The total due will be the equivalent of one Four (4x/-) and one Eight (8+ ) based on the size of their 10 and 20 man boats respectively. Fees for their single boats (O1s) will be charged at the rate for a single (1x) and is to be paid “By Soaring Dragons on behalf of their Members”.

Form for SD to be added to website and Mike to be invited to AGM.

List of committee and club roles will be posted on the club notice board for members to sign up to should they wish to stand for election to a committee position or support the club in other ways. Reminder to please include a proposer and seconder for these, to speed up this section of the AGM.


Soar Head Medals
A design has been chosen for the Soar Head medals and proposal to purchase an initial set of 300 was put forward. The total of this is £694.80 which also includes the casting of the die to produce the medals. Proposal approved.

Since the cameras were first fitted (5-6 years ago) they have gradually worn themselves out and need to be replaced. Committee agreed an amount of up to £500 based on a quote from TI that can be spent on a new box and set of cameras. The cameras will feed into a single box and the suggestion is to increase the number of cameras that the box can accept. RD/TI to arrange.

Next meeting:

Thursday April 2019

End of meeting