Present: Mary Carswell, Stuart Ward, Sandra Martin, Keith Hudson, Tim Ives, Rebecca Hambleton

Guest: Mike Bushell (Soaring Dragons)

Minutes from previous meeting:

Minutes were approved

Actions arising:

Petrol Enforcement Agency notification. A work around will be used to ensure that no more than the 35L will be stored on site at any one time.

Capacity of catamaran has been tested and is now just to have its weight plate fitted.

Forms on website are set up for the change in the Data Protection act to make them compliant.

Work on relaying the bridge sleepers is making good progress. About two thirds of the way across and will be finished this weekend (31st March/1st April).

The old Row Perfect has, provisionally, been sold for £250 and will be collected over the Easter weekend.



         General:      £25,976.32
         Savings:      £11,295.83
         Social:        £409.79 (+£1268.28 in new social)

Recent spends: BR Club Affiliation fee, £520.80
Sleepers for bridge repair, £1003.20

Bills for utilities and waste to be shared with RH and account access to be given for club accounts. NS to be contacted to share details.

Agreement that any hard copy of bills will be addressed and sent to the Club itself. 

Rowing and Facilities Development?

Current blade rack for sweep blades has been up for some time and the boards are now cracking. A new metal frame in place of the wooden boards was proposed with additional space for the new sweep blades. Referred to TI to get a quote for the fabrication.

Anna Parks’ boat, for which no membership or racking fee has been paid, is still racked outside. As with club rules and bye laws, it was agreed that payment must be sought and referred to TI/RD to write a letter to this effect.

It was proposed and agreed that the remaining three model C Concept2 ergs are to be sold and the profits from which are to be used to purchase a new model D erg bringing all ergs up to date. The ergs will be firstly advertised to the club with a limited time for response before going up for genera sale. TI to organise sale. This purchase will be on top of the annual erg purchase as per the spending plan.

KH to make contact again with Bob from Burton Rowing Club to organise the RYA Level 2 courses. Currently interest has been expressed by seven members.

Report from KH regarding boat work.

So far KH has put in four days, totalling 24 hours, of work and been through 11 boats covering a number of singles and doubles/pairs.

All those that have been worked on have had rigging set up correctly and been refitted inside where appropriate.

KH noted that the insides of a number of the boats was in a poor state and it appeared that little care had been given to cleaning the insides including slides, seats and foot wells.

For all of the boats that KH has worked on so far, he has created an audit sheet detailing the set up. These will be kept in a log.

Remaining small boats are four doubles and three singles, which will be assessed along with the larger boats before KH brings a new proposal to committee to detail what will be required before moving on.

Request was made by KH to have a new rigger fabricate for Soarted (1x) by Eric Simms at a cost of £350. Approved by committee.

MC noted that a number of the blades had been changed by individuals in the club such that they differ greatly from the standard set up and is becoming an issue.

Coaching, Welfare and Safety:

Following the report from KH and some discussion, it was agreed that something needs to be raised at the AGM to make all members aware about best practice when using and taking care of the club equipment and that a mini Control commission would be held on occasion through the year to give all members the chance for the practical implementation of boat checks.

Addressing the need for more rigorous organisation of some of the squads in the club, TI put forth the use of Sportlyzer, an online sporting/squad organisation tool for the club at a cost of around £90 for the year. It was agreed to trial this with the juniors and senior men’s squads initially and see if there is capacity to extend this trial usage.

There was a minor incident between a double and a barge two weekends back, there was no damage or harm sustained to the boat or crew and it was noted that the incident report was filled out correctly and timely by the crew.

The current learn to row course is coming to an end this weekend, with the exception of a couple of the participants who have missed a previous session. TI and ZH are currently developing a follow on course to integrate those who join the club into crews or build novice crews.

It was also noted that crews need to be more aware when dis/embarking at the landing stage about other crews around; there was a near incident recently between two eights. To be followed up at the AGM with the other previously mentioned notes. 


There is an event on the 7th April.

Annual dinner menu is now out and signs ups are beginning. Add a sign up form to the website and a reminder email to be sent. Mike Bushell (Soaring Dragons) has been invited to speak at the annual dinner along with the Charnwood Mayoress and SW.

Proposal to have the presidents’ board updated including colours corrected. Approved by committee. Information for Don Wix to be sourced by SM.

External meetings:

Nothing to report.

Soaring Dragons:

Mike Bushell of SD was invited to speak and feedback from the club.

The move has been popular will all SD members, they are enjoying the site and facilities with evening training proving popular. MB expressed that the club needs to take small steps into building the club, not running before they can walk.

Their open day proved popular, with the event being publicised and had BBC Radio Leicester visit briefly. They would like to hold another potentially alongside LBC or with our assistance.

RH to ensure bank details are exchanged with SD for membership and hosting fees. MB to chase up.

Storage location of kit is fine for all, MB expressed that it would be good to have some shelving in the sculling shed for their paddles and life vests. Committee is happy for SD to source this.

SD have had some success with one of their juniors being selected to represent GB.

After the success of the mixer previously, it was agreed that another one would be arrange, most like a post training BBQ one Sunday when the weather improves further.


So far, no issues with the accounts but SF was unavailable to attend the meeting so a brief additional meeting will need to be arranged.

There is some complication of identifying who has and hasn’t paid their membership and how which RH will follow up with CB and AB.

MC and SW have looked through moving the club rules to the BR ‘Club Constitution’ template which the majority of clubs are now using. This will be put forward at the AGM for the approval to make that change. MC/SW to finalise.

Proposal for membership fees and categories was raised, such that a new full year student category is introduced subject to the student being in full time Further or Higher education, paying a 75% of the full membership fee.

An additional category of ‘Affiliated member’ has been proposed who will have equivalent privileges as the social members but will be for hosted clubs.

Approval was given to both proposals, subject to going before the membership at the AGM.

Other minor changes and wording were discussed which will be followed up at the AGM.

At last year’s AGM (2017) it was agreed to trial membership payments by instalments for a full year. This will run on into the start of the 2018-2019 financial year.

Reminder that all club and committee positions are up for election at each AGM, aside from vice captains and coaches. Publicise this further and post a notice on the board in the clubroom ahead of the AGM for people to put themselves forward with proposers and seconders.


Temporary membership for Emily Quinton.

Emily has been sitting in with the W.Mas8+ to make up a crew has requested to join Loughborough boat club on a temporary basis. In line with the club rules, the committee may grant a temporary membership to any person wishing to join. On the basis of being a temporary member on Loughborough boat club, it was agreed that she could join and pay for each month that she is a member.

Next meeting:


End of meeting