Present: Don Wix, Mary Carswell, Keith Hudson, Stuart Ward, Sandra Martin.

Apologies: Rob Parks

Minutes from previous meeting:
Minutes were approved



Suggestion for SM to have access to social account so that she can see as and when payments are made Re events and facilities hire. Appointment with back to be sought, KH to make contact.

Scott to be asked about the state of accounts for this year, contact to be made by KH.

MC has drawn together a draft spending plan using the most recent facilities development plan, spanning out the next 5 years with in built room for adjustments of spends. This will be looked at and amended where necessary for next committee meeting.

Together with this spending plan, an estimate of basic overheads based on previous years’ is being put together, organise with RP.

Subscription proposal to trial for the 2017/2018 club year: payment by standing order. The proposed subscription by standing order would be payable over 10 months and would need validating that the standing order is in place.

Rowing and Facilities Development:

KH to chase a quote for a basic service for all ergos to be sought from Freya or Rob so that the club can go from an assured starting point for ease of in-club maintenance.

Email to be sent re hour change and evening water sessions.

Coaching, Welfare and Safety:

JIRR. Ed, Hannah and Nicole took part in JIRR trials. Ed came 2nd in his J16.1x category with a great time and has found himself in a composite j16.4x- for the JIRR later this year.

Hannah will be joining a Leicester/Boston composite crew in a WJ16.4- representing the region in the regatta. New follow up to added to the website, email for stories.


Annual dinner menu has been compiled and will be available to sign up to in the club room and online as usual. Email re annual dinner to be sent. The mayor and mayoress will be attending the dinner.
Second speaker possibly to be looked for, club member or friend of club.

External meetings:



Thanks to KH and Mike Targett for renewing several of the lights in the gym and clubroom with energy efficient LED lights.

Next meeting:

Tuesday 11th April 2017, 7.30pm

End of meeting