Present: Don Wix, Mary Carswell, Stuart Ward, Sandra Martin, Keith Hudson, David McCaughan, Robert Parks

Minutes from previous meeting: minutes were approved.

Finance and fundraising:

Account balances:
General: £11821.73
Soar Head: £365.89
Social: £1559.20

As Barclays have messed us around with communications and being slow when trying to change details on the accounts, is it worth having a look to see what other banks we could use. MC to look at alternatives.

Final year accounts show we have had a greater income than outgoings, even with slightly fewer members and the recent repairs to boats. Thanks given to the social team and all the money raised from events.

Old soar head account: documents to close and transfer the balance to the general account have been signed and sent off, just awaiting confirmation. The balance in the account will be put towards the cost of repairing the landing stage.

Rumours regarding Loughborough Student Rowing Club’s continued presence at

Nottingham suggests they could be leaving. DMc to contact Athletic Union, Loughborough Sport and the Rowing Club to offer a return to LBC.

When members pay social fees and subs by BACS, SM to make RP aware and confirm the payment.

Rowing & Facilities Development:

Still awaiting a reply from Keith’s contact Re lighting and wiring for the boat shed. Likewise is the quote for the kitchen window, SM to get a second quote, so long as it is in a similar range to the previous (~£500) approval for the expense has been given.

East Midlands Community Fund:

Out previous application, for a defibrillator, was declined as it was within 2 years of our previous application. SW to reapply for this along with an application for a new ergo.

Updated PM5 monitors have been fitted to ergs.

Club Projector:

Purchase of a club projector was approved, this will be useful for coaching feedback, ergo training/competing using the venue rowing software and at the Soar Head. Price around £290. SW to purchase. Noted that a removable mount will be required to be made.

Interval timer and digital clock for gym:

It turns out that interval timers are very expensive, option to purchase a large digital clock with seconds only.

Thanks to SW for repairing/rebuilding the steps to the balcony.

Flooring under ladies’ toilets and some of the gents’ is slowly going through, KH to get a quote over easter to replace the affected section along with getting a quote along with a survey on what is the best course for the surrounding sections, whether they can be treated easily enough or if they need replacing too. KH to look at available flooring for after completion of repair.

Canal and River Trust:

No official word from the CRT or BR on the topic, issue to be let lie but keep an eye on it. Club members to made aware of the state of play and made aware that there may be a fee to be covered at some point in the next year.

Sunny Jim:

Due to the extent of the repair on the quad Sunny Jim the cost will be put though the insurance with the club only paying the excess. Insurance company has already given approval.

Coaching, Welfare and Safety:


SW has spoken with Jen Smith, she has been busy with work recently, but believes everything is completed, it is just a case of recompiling, checking it and sending it off. SW to confer with JS and set a date to meet with CDO within 6 weeks.

In recent weeks we have had a couple of capsize incidents, both club members responded well and demonstrated what they had learnt during their capsize drill earlier in the year.

Following this up there have also been a number of small incidents, bringing about the point to give out a reminder at the AGM for all incidents to be reported in the club’s incident report book at the least.

Boat Numbers:

Last few numbers to be applied to boats. SW to organise with Tom Scholefield.

Social Activities:

Enquiries still being received, booking for clubroom and grounds for July 2016 has been made.

Annual Dinner:

Catering has been sorted, menu has been produced and is available to view on the notice board and online. Signing up can be done either via the online form of the sign up sheet by the menu in the clubroom. With the elections this year, both the Mayor and deputy mayor are booked up already. It would be well worth looking ahead to 2016 and get a date pencilled in. SM to choose a date. Decision to invite the presidents of local neighbouring clubs with whom we have ties or past relations to build on existing relations. Clubs to be contacted and invited: Burton Leander, Burton Trent, Leicester and Derby. Sec to send invites, “complimentary ticket exclusively for the club captains” with the offer of bringing one paying guest each.

SM to get Di Cockayne to print menus for table.

Website and Communications: Nothing to report

External Committees/Meetings:

FISA meeting: rowing as a sport is under pressure to be a more inclusive sport, not just where a small number of countries win the majority of medals at international meetings, but greater involvement of developing nations.With changes in the sport, money and funding opportunities could change.


Confirmed date: Thursday 30th April 2015 seated for 7:30PM DMc to email members.

Membership from 2014/2015 has covered annual overheads resulting decision to leave senior membership as it is at £250 for the year and increasing the junior membership to £140 for the year, continuing the previous decision to progressively increase the junior membership reflecting what they get for what they pay.

Family discounts:

Where applicable, any discounts on membership will follow what is described on the membership page of the website.

All positions are available at the AGM, DMc to contact all members holding a club position to ask whether they wish to resonated or stand down for the 2015/2016 year.

Any Other Business:


Coniston is going ahead this year, third weekend in May (16th and 17th), currently in contact with Charlie to confirm his attendance. DMc to email club.

Long term/annual calendar

Suggestion to keep club calendar up to date well in advance, particularly major club events (Annual Dinner, Christmas dinner, AGM, races) Dates for this year’s regattas have been added to the calendar on the website, dates for 2015 christmas dinner and 2016 annual dinner to be pencilled in (SM) and the 2016 AGM (MC to find a suitable date)

Next Meeting:

AGM 30thApril.