Present: Don Wix, Mary Carswell Chair, Nick Maker, Dev Tailor, Keith Hudson, Zoe Hudson, Dave McCaughan, Jeff Hallam, Stuart Ward, Sandra Martin, Tim Ives, Helen Fairbrother, Kate Henry, Guest Rob Parks.

Apologies: Adam Fairbrother, Jen Smith.

Minutes of previous meeting: The minutes were approved.

Matters Arising: KH re repair of landing stage, photos have being taken to help with quotations. ZH and PK are to close the Soar Head account. Accounts are with Christine to audit with the exception of the Soar Head account. The £2000 grant has been received. KH is to help Tom re the repair of the Cat.

A solar PIR light for the front gate has been purchased and the broadband signal has been boosted.

Treasurer Report: DT has provided the committee with his report, which includes the £2000 grant. There has been no major expenditure since the last meeting. Rob is now a signatory and has applied for online access. RP (Rob) has conducted an analysis of the financial costs of running the club over the past five years. This will assist in drawing up a savings plan. It may well lead to the Development Teams, being given their own budget. The question was raised as to the use of our Trustees Account, as we currently have over £11,000 in that account. DT pointed out that this amount caused Karen a problem when applying for the recent grant as we were seen to have quite a sum of money.

Captain’s Report: KH reported the wins since our last meeting as, Newark, WJ18 4x and WIM1 2-. At the Head of Trent our two crews entered had good rows. The next events are the Yorkshire Head and Lincoln Head. The repair to Quasi will probably be paid out of club funds following a check on the insurance excess.

Social Secretary: Not present

Social Treasurer Report: £5704.12.

Subscriptions’ Secretary Report: AF had nothing to report.

Safety Officer: JH referred to the recent incident report online, as being impressive. Other than that he had nothing to report.

Junior Coordinator Report: NM read the report submitted by Kate H

Having 23 juniors, two (the twins) have not turned up since last Easter, one has definitely given up following the learn to row course last year, and one (Nick) has moved to Derby to row with a quad there. He still competes for us as a second club, but receives all his training at Derby now. We therefore have one space for a new junior which I would like to fill shortly before the rowing gets underway again on the water as the weather improves. Other than that we will have no junior slots until September when Lucy & Hannah will no longer be juniors.

Since the last meeting, we have won at Newark with the WJ18 4x of Beth, Lucy, Emily and Alex A who are rowing very well together at the moment, and we have hopes of many more wins with that quad. (three wins in total for that crew – Soar Head, Boston, Newark)

Junior inter-regional trials are being held on March 30th which we are excited about and are trying to get as many of our juniors there as possible. Unfortunately due to the low number of juniors that we have, we are only entering singles and doubles which are highly contested. I will be attending the JIRR meeting in Newark on Tuesday next week.

We will be competing at Cambridge Junior Champs on Saturday March 23rd which is only 1450m so will hopefully be able to get as many juniors as possible rowing in a variety of crews.

Two of our juniors are aiming to become elite this summer and are training hard towards it – Beth & Lucy.

We still have a central core of committed juniors, however most of the others live a fair distance away and tend to come only when they are guaranteed on the water – hopefully as the weather improves and the evenings are lighter then they will attend more frequently.

Junior Development Progress Report (Clubmark): JS is to arrange a meeting with Jo Atkinson.

Development Plan: Updated Development Plans received from the following teams:

  • Estate and Equipment Management.
  • Communication.
  • Finances and Forward Planning.

Web Site & Publicity: Comment was made about the very good and up to date website we have. Press reports are being added and we now have a junior section.

External Committees: Regional Meeting attended by KH. There is discontent with the Regional BR representative. Level 2 Coaching now has five pre requisites. SW to speak to Jonny Day & Andy Skinner about coaching.

Committee Positions in the future: General discussion about the shape of the committee going forward, and linking roles on the committee to the Development Plans. Suggest a quorum is 50% + 1. Team to review and inform the committee before the AGM.

Committee Structure Mar 14

AGM: All accounts should be with our auditor Christine Agar. Subscriptions to be raised, given agreement at the AGM. Full £250, Gym £135, Student £135, Vacation Student £85, Junior £120, Non Rowing £65, Racking £75. Discounts as before.

Revised date for the AGM Tuesday 29th April 2014.

Next Meeting: AGM Tuesday 29th April at 7.30pm at the Club House.