Present: Mary Carswell, Don Wix, Stuart Ward, Sandra Martin, Keith Hudson,.

Apologies: Robert Parks.

Minutes from previous meeting: minutes were approved.

Finance and fundraising:


Social £7387.94
General £5319.58
Savings £11283.99

£1000 Grant from Charnwood for the new Swift Freedom boat is expected within the next 2 weeks. Representative for the council as been down to have a look at the boat and is happy with the purchase.


All 2015 accounts are in order and ready to be audited. Christine to be asked if she has time to audit them this year, after doing so for the previous 2 years. KH to enquire. Following the issues with the accounts from 2014, it was agreed to get all the 2014 and 2015 accounts together with RP and KH  and look over everything before they are sent for auditing. Question was raised whether an accountant is paid to make sure that everything since the change in treasure and accounting method is above board, ensuring there is no come back on the club and we are in good stead to continue how we are going. Caroline to be asked first off if she is willing to help.

It was discussed that the role of treasurer, being a high priority role it would be nice to see the treasurer “on the shop floor” as it were more often,with this and RP having been away from the club recently it was discussed to bring in a method for more access to the accounts for the benefit of the committee, and everyone else, be this simply a private spreadsheet, or purpose designed freeware. MC to look into available solutions.

Rowing and Facilities:

Tom Schofield has been appointed new Men’s vice captain.

Rescheduled Soar Head after cancelling in November has been approved for April 9th. Preliminary meeting has been held for the organisation of it. Everything is in order and on top of. A practice race has been organised for 19th March for the club, both to get people on the water and to test out our timing software to be used at the head.

Charlie has printed out posters for the head race, several have been sent out to clubs and Zoe will take more to Lincoln on 13th March at the head race. BROE has received 6 entries so far.

Coaching Welfare and Safety

Reminder to wear bright coloured clothing when out on the water in single sculls or at bow, particularly with evening rowing starting and getting back at dusk. Ideally this will become general club practice. Additionally remind all rowers that when  “ahead” is called, a response is required to acknowledge the presence of the other crew, sec to email to this effect. A “Be Seen, Be Heard, Be Safe” ‘campaign’ to be put together through notices and posters around the club, MC to take a lead.

Safety launches to have boat codes added by Soar Head, KH to organise.

Social Activities and Events:

Event this Saturday, 12th March. Birthday party and a get together for around 50 guests.

Next up will be the annual dinner on 16th April, live music from Hero to Zero, same band from Christmas dinner. Sign ups being taken now.

So far after this the next will be the weddings in July and September, 23rd and 31st July, 2nd September. All weddings have use of the boat house. SM to email ARCO to see if they are holding their dragon boating again this year, it is usually a similar time of year.

External Committees:

Regional meeting was attended by KH, new CEO introduced himself, nothing particular to report back.

We are hosting the umpires meeting on 10th April, afternoon.

Open committee position:

After David’s departure, a position in committee is available, not necessarily in the same role as his was, but possibly tying in to it. To be used in a way such as to advance the club. Suggested that it involves fundraising and grants etc. MC  to look at the description that each committee position covers and see what could become available.

Sutton Bonington Campus Rowing:

Nothing heard back from them after last communication from KH. Can only wait to see if anything does come back.



Increase in subscription by small percentage as they remained constant for the previous two years.

Reminder that subscriptions can only stay at, in all honestly, a reasonable level, given the expense of the equipment, if all club members volunteer and put in time to the club. This can be day to day running and maintenance, helping at events or taking part in bigger jobs around the club.

Membership secretary club position will be open at the AGM, although this will be an open position it’s not to forget that any club or committee position is available to be taken. Email to be sent covering this and include if anyone does want to take on a role, to talk to the existing person in that role.

Any Other Business:

DW has been asked to be the president of Masters Regatta, held at Nottingham each year. He has been presenting prizes already for the past several years. 

Next Meeting: Monday 18th April 2016 6:30PM