To escape the floods at LBC and also for a lovely day out, Erica and Zoe took Therapy on the roof down to the beautiful Huntingdon Rowing Club to row at their head race on the Great Ouse.

For the first race the girls raced the double in the WMasB/C/D category. Knowing that they would be stung with a large handicap over the three age categories it was clear that they would have to put in a good time and fortunately did so in a time of 16.55 over the 3.4k upstream. Both their opposition of host club Huntingdon and Ancholme were not racing till later in the day so in the meantime the girls had a second race, albeit time only, in the pair which they did in a time of 18.15.

Finally, their opposition raced but were not able to beat the LBC girls even after the handicaps with Huntingdon (C) completing the race in a raw time of 20.05 and Ancholme (D) finishing in a time of 18.54 (19.37 & 18.04 respectively after the handicap applied)

The girls were also crowned with fastest ladies double of the day both!