Saturday 26th September 2009 saw crews arriving at Exmouth from rowing clubs far and a field to take part in Exmouth Rowing Clubs Offshore Rowing Regatta. Competitors came from Loughborough, Southampton, Teignmouth (Teign Scullers)Torquay, Plymouth, and of course Exmouth. The 8 kilometre course was laid out from the start line in the vicinity of harbour view café leading out of the marked channel to Fairway Buoy turning west to Langstone Point then north back to Exmouth, rounding 10buoy into the finish line.

The weather played its part admirably but yet again not to forecast. With light winds and predominantly overcast skies, temperatures remained comfortably cool for competitors. Unfortunately the calmness of the weather also produced flat calm water conditions for rowers that were hoping to ride some waves. However all events were launched and all competitors thoroughly enjoyed there visit to Exmouth.

To expand the competition base, and in support of the clubs ethic of providing rowing for all in the community, Masters events were also held, being open to rowers over 40yrs of age. The event was won by the Loughborough men’s crew of Shane Frear, Keith Hudson, Nick Maker, Andy Martin, coxed by Nicola Cheesman in a time of 36.20. All crossed the line with smiles on their faces.

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