On Sunday 1st April  9 crew members from Loughborough Boat Club will be rowing a 50.2km (31 mile) rowing marathon in aid of local children’s charity, Steps.

The non stop Boston rowing marathon, held between Lincoln and Boston, will take several hours to complete by the 9 man crew but will be well worth it to raise deserved funds for LBC’s chosen local charity.

The IM3 8 that are due to take up their oars and row the course are: Adam Fairbrother, Chris Smith, Shane Frear, Jonathan Day, Simon Gee, Zoe Poyner, Henry Simkin, David McCaughan and coxed by Timothy Ives.

The crew are due to increase their training schedule over the upcoming weeks to ensure that they are ready for the challenge with plenty of off and on water training activities planned for the weeks to come.


The crew hope that you would be able to make a donation to the cause and help us to raise as much as possible.


Thank you for your support.


To find out more about STEPS click here to find out more.