Loughborough Boat club has just been accredited as an Explore Rowing club.Being accredited will provide our club with access to a range of benefits including promotional and marketing support and British Rowing’s Learn to Row Scheme.

It isn’t just about welcoming new rowers, it’s about providing our existing rowers with a whole range of activities and support on various rivers, lakes, shores, canals and even trying out the more extreme surf rowing and ocean crossings.

Activities can take place at other accredited clubs throughout the country using their Explore Rowing boats to navigate other waters in stable boats or join in organized touring parties. Similarly we may expect visits from other members of the scheme. As such Explore Rowing clubs can make new links with their local communities and other clubs and rowers can find fun and more flexible ways to enjoy rowing.

A big thanks to Stuart and the LBC Committee members who supported the application process for the club to achieve this.