With the sun blazing down on the traditional boating queues, it was a clean sweep at Ironbridge Regatta as every single participating LBC Lady kept their cool and came home with at least one pot, with Nadine and Karen bravely taking the traditional plunge into the river to celebrate their first ever finals win.

With a total of 23 pots collected by the Ladies in singles, doubles, quads, and the Eight, over age groups ranging from J15 to Masters D (you can do the Maths but not a single one of them looked a day over 21) the women celebrated possibly their best ever weekend of racing, albeit with perhaps the occasional tear shed for absent friends.


Meanwhile, it was great to see a ‘Novice’ men’s coxed four take to the water, as the Club’s development plans for the new lads start to show fruit, and likewise the ‘Club Eight’ is proving a popular solution to the inevitable lack of Twenty Somethings, combining a wide range of ages and expertise into that team spirit which LBC does best.