Loughborough Boat Club Committee Meeting Minutes
Loughborough Boat Club

Present: Keith Hudson, Stuart Ward, Sandra Martin, Jonathan Cox, Allen Storey, Jeff Hallam, Tim Ives



Current:          £43,663
Savings:           £11,344
Social:              £13,733

Invoice for trailer fee to BUCS has been submitted.

Loughborough Students

Nothing to report.

Soaring Dragons

Nothing to report. 


Has been an issue with fishermen and a reportedly broken rod. TI sorting and with LSRC. Being between LSRC and the anglers, this will be dealt with aside from LBC.
Suggestion to get in contact with all angling societies that use the Soar to keep in touch when all parties have competitions.

Request for club shoe quantity to be updated and refreshed. TI/RD to organise.
Noted that trestles need repair, they have had wear and tear and broken rivets. RD to sort

L2R course for 2-4 July, KH to inform Mike at SD
Noted that the club still needs to provide a progression for those retained through L2R course via a development or recreational group. SM shared that Neil is happy to lead this.

Facilities Development

KH updated committee on work done. Current spend at £997.89, of this £660 has been labour and £337.89. Further work estimated at £1020 for materials, all agreed to the work needing to be done. Proposal from KH to do the work at an additional two (2) days’ labour (£300). Labour agreed by AS, SM, JC, SW.
Suggested that club needs to be more proactive in keeping on top of jobs making them smaller and often.

Noted that boards on gym extension have shrunk leaving notable gaps between many of them. This will need replacing in time. Suggestion to replace the insulation at the same time due to possible water damage, as well as including a weather layer.

Social Activities

LSRC summer ball has had to be cancelled
Coaching, Welfare and Safety

Nothing to report


Nothing to report


SW shared that becoming a CASC, as previously discussed, does not fulfil the Club’s requirements. Further work was done and SW has shared report on the Club becoming a limited company with charitable status.  Initial readings suggest this is a possible and positive step. All to fully read and digest SW report.
SW to arrange video call with retired lawyer friend to discuss further and asak questions before moving forward on tis to an AGM or EGM.

Date of next meeting

July 10

End of Meeting