Loughborough Boat Club Committee Meeting Minutes

Present: Keith Hudson, Stuart Ward, Sandra Martin, Jonathan Cox, Allen Storey, Jeff Hallam, Tim Ives



Current:          £43,769
Savings:           £11,344
Social:              £13,496

To date, 45 members have renewed membership for the 2021-2022 year. Of these, 34 are senior, 3 are junior, 4 holiday students, 3 full year students and 1 non-rowing member.

SD have paid for 6 O1s, their hosting fee (£712) and have paid membership fees for April and May.

Loughborough Students

Request to allow LSRC to use boats up at HPP on the weekend before BUCS (17-18 June) and to remain there until 26 June was rejected. The absence of the boats over the week would have too great an impact on the training of the rest of the club.

AS to email members to inform that the boats in question will be unavailable 24-26 June.

Soaring Dragons

Additional training boat has arrived on site.

Joint SD/LBC event for Sutton Bonington has been arranged. LBC will receive £500 for hosting and £1400 from BBQ at £5/head which will include drinks.


Facilities Development

KH circulated jobs list to be completed to ensure Club is brought back up to scratch, made safe and attractive. Club maintenance/working day set to be 26 June. AS to email date and jobs list to club.

Approved spend of up to £1000 on parts and labour.

Request for labour to paid £300/day to NM and KH for work done, to be inclusive of the £1000.

Social Activities

Noted that the cleaner has been in for two weeks. Request for how much the cleaner is being paid: £15/hr.

Upcoming social events:

            26 June, LSRC summer ball
            24-25 July, Dragon Boating event with SD and Sutton Bonington campus
            31 July, wedding with boathouse
            7 August, wedding with boathouse

As always, help will be requested for events. Details to be circulated.

Coaching, Welfare and Safety

Nothing to report


Club room risk assessment and guidance have been compiled. To be accepted and added to Club website.


Change of Trustees and CASC status.

Previously raised was the need to change and update trustees. This came forward again. Options are A – Club becomes a CASC and the Club owns the land outright without trustees. Some changes to Club Constitution would be needed. Option B – change trustees.

All to further look into requirements and outcomes of being CASC. RD to email previous proposal around CASC from 2019.

Re-rigging of boats post competition was raised and discussed.

Learn to Row course date set for 2-4 July

Date of next meeting

Monday 21 June

End of Meeting