Present: Stuart Ward, Sandra Martin, Tim Ives, Allen Storey, Jeff Hallam.

Apologies: Mary Carswell, Rebecca Hambleton.

Minutes from previous meeting:

Minutes were approved

Actions arising:

Nothing to report



General:          £39,053.62
Savings:          £11,324.02
Social:            £13,011.40 (Inclusive of £1900 of WRMR deposit)

Larger spends:

Looking ahead, larger spend will be for shoes/shoe plates to move to the BAT logic clip in shoes.

Current development plans to be shared with club via AS. MC/TI to pass on working document.

Rowing and Facilities Development?

Loughborough Students approached Sec with a means to move their beginners back down to LBC. TI met 2 representatives of the club and discussed how an arrangement might work. Had shared with LBS that, ideally, they would be members of LBC and welcome to row with LBC at any time, and would race as LBS/LBC composite crews, some discussion on ensuring a consistent point of contact with the club/AU. A hosting fee would be applied in similar way to SD. Other final details to be discussed. TI to follow up on communication from LBS

A 3-to-5-year plan to be put together for the club to focus on stepping forward. Consideration of BR’s 2015-2024 strategic plan. For further discussion. All.

TI to put together proposal for boat repairs for those that need to be sent away.

AS to email regarding open forum/forums to be more consistent though the year.

Coaching, Welfare and Safety:

Safeguarding and Protecting Children workshop for Kate, Vicky, Stuart to attend. At Notts 9th July.

JH has spoken to a member at DMU and she is happy to help with some guidance in club welfare where needed. Related to this, there is an opening for a regional welfare person. 


Fisher Scientific Dragon Boating event where seat fees will go to SD and remaining takings (bar/food) will go to LBC. SD are hiring a 10-seat boat for the event. SM shared the desire for SD to purchase a second 10-man boat with a view to holding more joint dragon boating commercial events. Mike from SD, SM and others to sit down and put pen to paper on the workings of a joint venture.

New full set of banqueting chairs has arrived. Old chairs to be brought down and sold to offset the new chairs. SM to organise.

External meetings:

A main point of discussion was concerning volunteers at Nottingham and Championship events. Previously, this was done by a DofE group who can no longer help. Without volunteers there is a risk that events will not run as well as they have or in fact struggle to run. Options of having a regional volunteer database/list for clubs and groups. BUCS will always make a donation to clubs. 


No other business

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