Present: Don Wix, Mary Carswell, Keith Hudson, Dave McCaughan, Stuart Ward, Sandra Martin, Rob Parks.

Minutes of previous meeting: The minutes were approved.


All development team plans received and individual team allowances can now be appointed.
Fewer members than expected have renewed memberships resulting in lower club income for the year, however this does leave the club able to run learn to row courses to boost numbers. All overheads and other outgoings are covered by membership.
Social side is doing well, being profitable
Major spend since last meeting was annual boat insurance. In terms of insurance policy, RP is to update the documents so all boats are covered and boats we no longer have.
Signatories for boat club accounts to be updated so relevant people have access.

Facilities development:

Borough of Charnwood and Back Before Midnight have been sent away for refurbishment and are due back before July. The old wooden tub boat that had been in the club has been exchanged with Bewdley Rowing Club for a Sims 4+ similar to Don Wix, and will be a good boat for training once it has had a little TLC.

Coaching Welfare and Safety:

SW has spoken to current club coaches setting up occasional informal meeting by way to provide more coaching to the whole club. Meetings to create a ‘Loughborough style’ of coaching to take place to ensure all members receive the same coaching.
New level 1 course announced by British Rowing, less demanding and less expensive than current level 2, potential to send people with an interest to attend to boost club coach numbers.

A reminder to be sent out to everyone to fill out all documentation in event of incident, following incident on the water tonight (17.06.14) between one of our boats, Sarah Springman, and a boat from Normanton boat Club, resulting in breakage of Springman. How to report incidents to Canal and River trust to be found out also.

Social activities and events:

Boat naming ceremony date for Swift doubles lbr026 and lbr028 to be arranged, SM to communicate re a suitable date.
Barrow-on-Soar canoeists are visiting over Friday Night (20.06.14) for a change of scenery.
Hathern guides annual fun day to take place 7th July, with Diesworth guides holding a similar event on the 9th.
A christening has been booked for the 20th July. For this sofa reupholstering to be competed, Adam Fairbrother to be contacted. Currently mid-repair it is taking up valuable space in the club house.
Also to be completed is the redevelopment of the bar front, I.e. Plasterboard to be put in place and lightning to be chosen and installed. KH and DMc to organise.
Looking ahead, a deposit has been taken for a wedding reception September 2015. Interested party is viewing the venue 20th September.

Website and communications:

Nothing to update.
DMc to liaise with KH to organise working weekend and jobs to be completed around the club.

External reports and committees:

meeting was successful, documentation pre-circulated by SW itemising final tasks to be completed was accepted and has been left in the capable hands of those involved. Once tasks are completed we can be checked and signed off as a club.
Development team project prioritising.
Projects requiring minimal spend are given go ahead and money has been allocated already to certain parts, e.g. Paint. For the larger spend projects, they are to be prioritised and given dates. First of the big projects is the landing stage. However a response from flood relief fund is awaited.

Other business:
As membership numbers are greatly down across both senior and junior sections, running Learn to Row courses, specific junior and senior ones. Dependent on numbers it would be nice to form crews from the courses.

PK is leaving as he feels he isn’t down enough to warrant his membership. Following this he is stepping as Soar Head Secretary. New secretary to be sought, DMc to talk with Soar Head Committee and SW to provide ‘what the role involves’ document.
MC to thank PK for his help over the years.

Don Wix purchased an old Loughborough Regatta cup from 1894, to be held by the club as part of memorabilia collection. KH to add to the photo album of pots and cups.

Next meeting: Summer break, 12th August 7:45pm. Review closer to the time if required or hold meeting earlier should anything arise.