Present: Stuart Ward, Mary Carswell, Tim Ives, Allen Storey.
Apologies: Jeff Hallam.

Minutes from previous meeting:

Minutes were approved

Actions arising:

Nothing to report



General:          £39,423.03
Savings:          £11,324.02
Social:            £12,682.98 (Inclusive of £1900 of WRMR deposit)

Larger spends:
No notable spends in the last period

Rowing and Facilities Development?

Septic tank needs to be emptied then internal dimensions measured. Sec to communicate with Keith to gain contact/organise the emptying.

Chase up response from East Midlands Boats for quote on repair to the Dory then proceed with the best quote. Discussion on whether the Dory is repaired or replaced ended with the decision to repair as we cannot guarantee the quality of a second-hand launch and it is highly likely that any launch will have been used in saltwater. To be back in the water before Soar Head, with an aim of September.

The floating landing stage is still in need of repair. Decking boards have been purchased previously. SW to organise a working party over summer to affect repairs. Committee approved an additional spend of up to £300 for any further materials. To be completed for September.

The need to replace some of the sweep blades due to age and deterioration (as well as breakages) was raised. TI and MC to put together an inventory of all blades and a proposal for the replacement of a set of sweep blades. Decision made to wait to purchase until a time in the year where blades are typically available at a reduced price e.g. post-Henley.

It was noted that we seem to be low on trestles after regattas this year. A proposal was made to purchase additional sets, before purchasing any more an inventory will be made by TI to gauge where we really are with trestles. A point was made that the club needs to pay close attention when at regattas to ensure we bring back the same number of trestles (or more!) as are taken.

Location of kit bag storage was raised, with a view to keeping the clubroom more orderly committee approved the purchase of two combination door locks for the changing rooms to increase security. SW to purchase locks, AS to send email detailing this.

It was noted that there has been no further communication from Loughborough Students.

Coaching, Welfare and Safety:

Kate, Vicky, Stuart attended a Safeguarding and Protecting Children workshop for Notts 9th July, all three have now renewed their certificates for the next three years. Committee approved the refund on course costs as the course is solely club related. RH to sort reimbursement upon submission of expense claim.

While refreshing some of the Club safety documents, it was shared that there is a need to know who has a first aid certificate. AS to send email for this request if people wish to share along with any other valid certificates that are useful to the Club.

It was noted that, following a previous coaching proposal, Ed (the named person to seek for coaching) is now full time at Nottingham and thus unavailable for LBC coaching.


Reported that the old banqueting chairs have been sold and they just need collecting. AS to contact SM to arrange this. Chairs to be removed by 10th August as there is an event according to the clubroom white board.

External meetings:

There was one Rowing Safety Committee conference call ‘attended’ by SW. Nothing significant to report back other than that changes are being made to the safety audit to simplify the process and improve the experience.


A thought was shared about knowing the skills we have in the Club. Suggestion to email club for members to share any skills they have that would support the Club e.g. design work, writing head/regatta reports. AS to email.

Next meeting:

Tuesday 20th August 2019, 7.30pm

End of meeting