Present: Keith Hudson, Stuart Ward, Sandra Martin Tim Ives, Mary Carswell

Apologies: Rob Parks

Minutes from previous meeting:

Minutes were approved


         Savings: £6718.29

RP has given notice that he will be stepping down from his post as treasurer after sorting all outstanding business and reimbursements, liaise with RP re balances and a date for stepping down.

Rowing and Facilities Development:

With regards to ClubMark, SW will see what options there are for Safeguarding training for members to whom it applies.

Second quote for driveway, car park, behind the gym and the trailer parking area for around £2300. Agreed that this will then go ahead as soon as.

Club truck, as it is on the spending plan for the 2018 year, at this point it is keeping an eye out for what is seen around at regattas. One additional option to the flat-bed or pick up that was suggested is a small transit van a courier.

Boat replacement/rotation, KH to supply MC with a detailed list of what boats we have including age, crew weight and condition. This will be used to assist in identifying boats which need the attention first.

The veranda decking has been fixed up and re-stained by TI, many members have already commented on how good it looks. Next decking to receive attention is by the main door and the fire door by the kitchen. Some more extensive work may be required in these areas.

A club job/work done draft form has been put together to identify what has been done, by whom and when. Will be an A5 sheet, stored in a folder in the club to assist in identifying when work has been done and in some instances when some work is due to be re-done, e.g. painting.

Coaching, Welfare and Safety:

Update map of the course identifying areas where speed work should not be done, areas that are unsuitable for overtaking, and verbalising the unwritten rules of the club. The basic map will also appear on the reverse of the session plan cards. The session cards continue to be populated and there will be sets for different times of the year: sprint season, head etc.

KH has spoken to Bob at Burton re RYA L2 course. Awaiting to hear back from Bob for numbers and dates. The course will be open to all members keeping in mind those who regularly drive launches.


SM has taken and passed her Food Hygiene refresher course.

Events coming up are:
July 22nd – wedding
August 5th – Party
August 12th – Wedding

For the upcoming wedding next weekend many hands will be needed to get the club and boat house in the expected shape. With a number of members away, SM and TI will be heading up the set up starting this weekend with emptying the boat house.

Membership Briefing

Currently there are 62 members who have competed their forms, 41 are fully paid up. The remaining need to either complete their form or provide proof of payment. CB/AB to chase up those members.

The early incentive payment has proven popular bringing in subs early. There have been 3 members who have opted for the S/O payment.

New members: Jonathan Cox (Sen), Nicola Brown (Sen), Suzanne Way (Sen), Marie McManus (Sen), Adam Plummer (Sen), Freddy Thomas-Atkinson (Jun) and Rachel Harris (Cox).

All new members approved by committee.

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Next meeting:

Tuesday 10th August 2017, 8.00pm

End of meeting