Present: Mary Carswell, Keith Hudson, Dave McCaughan, Stuart Ward

Minutes of previous meeting: The minutes were approved.


Since previous meeting additional members have paid their membership brining the general account to an acceptable balance, which covers overheads with excess.

Clubroom development is running within budget which good to see, KH put a vote of thanks to all those who have helped in its completion.

Recovering of corner piece sofa and rub chairs. Up until now only the straight section of the unit has been completed, in light of this it has been agreed to forget the recovering of the corner section, and pay Adam Fairbrother (AF) for the work done so far. With KH to talk with AF to quote for the work done, and to see how AF is positions to recover the 5 tub chairs. DMc to find out what how much his contact would be willing to cover the tub chairs for.

Flood relief fund. We were unsuccessful in our application, on the basis we are a small club offering provisions for one sport only. Considering the need to repair/replace the landing stage it was discussed whether we assign around £8000 towards it inclusive of contingency, and looking at getting it sorted by summer 2015. During this time other grants and similar would be applied for to fund equipment, I.e. Boats, blades, gym equipment.MC to draft a statement to be provided to the club members informing the, of the current situation and encourage fundraising.

Rowing and facilities development:

The next major tasks in development plan is to sort out the changing rooms, installation of ventilation and sorting out lighting. Along with digging out the bank for boat mooring to remove boats from the stream. KH estimated £500 to cover the cost of both projects, to be checked for viability by RP.

Since previous meeting the club has attended Burton, Bewdley and Stourport regattas, with a selection of wins at each. In standing compared to last years’ wins total we are following a similar trend although we don’t expect to break any records this season. Looking ahead, if there is enough interest, Bradford regatta may be attended.

Coaching, Safety and Welfare:

Nothing untoward to report. A formal record to be made about an incident involving a boat from Soar Boat Club and our own, (Sarah Springman) which is to be  attached to the minutes of this meeting. KH to provide copies of statements etc taken at the time.

Suggestion made to contact police via letter as a committee to inform them of the incident to see if anything can be take further.

Junior membership, there are up to 9 spaces available to fill our stated quota of having 20 full paying junior members. Currently one new junior has been down to try rowing and could be encouraged to become a full member. A further two juniors have shown interest, both with rowing parents, SW to use his powers of persuasion to encourage their joining of the club along with the parents, helping to boost numbers across the club.

Social activities and events: SM to share wishes to be added to the minutes. However the christening (20th July) went down well and the renovation of the bar area was approved of. KH mentioned that the boat naming ceremony (3rd August) was a pleasant afternoon, even if we were a little low on attendees.

 Website and communications:

Nothing major to declare, race reports are still going up online and being well received.

External committees/meeting:

SW attended a meeting about stable boats for explore rowing and recreational rowing. However to gain the explore rowing funding/boats we would need to show we have the ability to increase members with this.

Club positions: Welfare officer:

Vicky Haines jointly with Kate Henry have offered to take on the role of Club Welfare Officer. Both are looking to attend a welfare officer course. All members of committee approve of this. 

Soar Head:

The date for this year’s soar head has been set at 22nd November.

SW has put himself forward to take on the role of Soar Head Secretary. Proposed by KH and seconded by DMc. Preemptive of acceptance, SW has put together a timeline of tasks to be completed in yen lead up to the event starting for the 1st of September.

Other Business:

Damage to Nick Maker’s boat: After discussion and the point being raised that if the club provides compensation for damage, irrespective of extent, to one person it would open up the floor to all members, it was agreed by all that the club rules regarding private storage of boats.

Private boat storage: From 2015/2016 season along with membership, owners of private boats Will be asked to read the club rules regarding storage of private boats and provide details of their insurance. DMc to add fields to online forms.

Flood cam DMc “do we want one”. Can be set up easily enough as we have broadband, be useful for the club’s flood plan and for members to view river levels so they are aware of conditions during periods of the year. Purchase of webcam approved by committee up to £40.

Aylings single: Payment for membership and boat storage was lost track of, because of this the boat was enveloped into the club. The boat is to be returned to the roof after the owner came down to the club and updated the club on the situation.

Gym equipment and winter training: Captains and coaches to get together and discuss what everyone wants to achieve and set up a training plan accordingly. SW, Zoe Hudson, KH, DMc and Tim Ives to confer. Along with this gym equipment to be assessed, what do we need, what do we want? MC to organise an inventory of gym equipment.

Next Meeting: Sec to email out to find most suitable date where all can attend as members were absent.