Present: Stuart Ward, Mary Carswell, Tim Ives, Allen Storey, Sandra Martin, Rebecca Hambleton, Jeff Hallam

Minutes from previous meeting:
Minutes were accepted.



General:          £40,006.45
Savings:          £11,335.32
Social:            £11,452.45

Major spends in recent period include tax and insurance on truck.

It was raised about getting closer to replacing the truck, JH shared and all in agreement that a transit van or similar would be the best option, many clubs are using them and it gives a large volume for riggers etc. With a replacement toeing vehicle, formal club will need to be put forth.

Spending survey:
            Following the survey circulated by AS and completed, AS has shared the results with Club where the top three were boat repairs, the erg room and coaching.

Agreement to form small working groups to discuss further how these will be actioned.
AS to email Club members.

Expense claim repayment were raised and discussed. Agreed that payments will move from a monthly to a two-week period. RH to confirm set dates.

Proposed that if members have any larger expenses that they will be making, they can contact RH or Committee to inform of this and compensation can be made on a shorter basis if required. Importance stressed of the forewarning.

Rowing and Facilities Development?

SM has taken on the Learn-to-Row, emailed more recent inquiries and will follow up with those who reply. TI and SM to consider how the Club encourages more new members and brings on those from the Learn-to-Row course.

Coaching, Welfare and Safety:

Capsize drill and swim test booked and arranged.


Upcoming events:

  • RVC event 29th February
  • Annual Dinner 4th April

Soaring Dragons:

Proposal received form SD to develop previous verbal proposal on joint corporate/dragon boating events. SM plus one to meet with MB(SD) to discuss further.

Loughborough Students:

Proposal received  from LSRC to allow them daytime access during exam period to maximise time on water. Committee happy to trial this on the provision LSRC members have a good tidy and clean on the Friday.

Mentioned that at this point, for the semester 1 exams, the timing is a little late however the proposal can stand for semester 2.

External meetings:

Nothing reported

 Soar Head:

Reported that all actions are in hand, date confirmed as Saturday 28th March.

First OC meeting 13th February 


Provisional date set at Saturday 25th April, 10am. RD to email official invite.

SF has agreed to help with and verify the accounts again.

MC to daft subscription proposal


Raised that new Dory engine is due a service. Harris’ to be contacted.

Next meeting:

Thursday 27th February, 6.30pm

End of meeting