Present: Mary Carswell, Stuart Ward, Sandra Martin, Tim Ives, Rebecca Hambleton, Keith Hudson.

Minutes from previous meeting:

Minutes were approved

Actions arising:

Boat license fee to be finalises, KH to complete by 25 Jan.

RYA L2, KH still working on final fee, current quote at £60/day for 2 days. KH to inform RD when complete. Target Feb 2019.

New trestle rack has been completed.



General:          £33,715.59
Savings:          £11,312.74
Social:            £9,919.37

Main spends from this period:

  • New Cox Orb Platinum (£710)
  • Paying off utilities debit before changing supplier. (£185, £569)

RH to chase invoice for Woody repair from JH.

2018 end of year accounts to be produced. Have been keeping up with them. RH to sort and contact SF for verification.

Soar Head:

Balance around Soar Head.

            Entry fees less expenditure = £522.53 (2017: £533)
            Estimated total on food          £450

Rowing and Facilities Development?

Repairs to boathouse and decking flooring was raised. Discussion on the point that assessment of need and costing/estimated to be produced. Decking by bar door/kitchen needs joists underneath replacing. KH/KC to follow up.

Work needed on landing stage and pontoon required. Discussion lead to agreement to keep a look out for any stages for sale, MC to lead. Agreed to spend £240 to fit the concrete stage with fenders matching those on pontoon.

Point raised for open forum to be held. Topics of discussion to include club constitution and septic tank. Date set: 9 Feb, RD to communicate.

Sceptic tank replacement.

Changes in sewage treatment and Environment Agency regulations, our septic tank will no longer be compliant from the end of the year. Quotes found are in the region of £14-15,000. This is to replace the tank with small treatment unit.

Discussion lead to idea raised to contact construction firm for the new bridge and end enquire about new sewer being installed, can we get a connection to this? Additionally, conversation with caravan park/marina to include in the connection. MC/KH to follow up.

Club constitution.

A full draft has now been completed by MC and SW using the BR template. Incorporate into this are the club rules and bye-laws. RD to circulate to members ahead of open forum on 9 Feb.

Coaching, Welfare and Safety:

Catamaran has been fitted out with lights for night rowing, white ‘head’ lights and port/starboard lights by RD and TI. Cat. always to be used in night time rowing where feasible.

Club Safety Audit complete, submitted and approved. Point raised to rework Safety Plan into a more formal structure. TI RD to follow up.

Capsize drill and swim test to be set up and completed. TI to contact Ibstock.

Club welfare plan needs to be written, CWO to take lead. RD to contact KH/VH 


Upcoming events:

  • Club Annual Dinner 6th April
  • 18 May, Boathouse
  • 22 June, Mike and Jen wedding
  • 29 June. (no bar)

External meetings:

Safety committee.

Key point raised from committee affecting clubs is the advice to have backstays fitted to boats. This helps reduce injury should a collusion occur. TI to check number and fitting of backstays. It has been put to the competitions committee to include backstays under rule 7-2-8 Equipment Check.

Second point from committee and the 2018 annual safety report is the increase of incidents as a result of “Poor Lookout”. This serves as reminder to all members to call “Ahead!” clearly and repeat this until a response is heard from other crews. Point to be mentioned at the open forum.


Proposed date of Saturday 27th April. This date has worked around the late Easter this year. Suggested that accounts are available for committee by the end of March for checking and then to circulate to membership ahead of AGM.


Nothing to report

Next meeting:


End of meeting