Present: Mary Carswell, Stuart Ward, Sandra Martin, Keith Hudson, Tim Ives, Rebecca Hambleton

Minutes from previous meeting:

Minutes were approved

Actions arising:

Erg for sale. An email and poster will be circulated for any offers to be received within a week, if no offers are received by then, a general listing will be put on the Rowing Service Notice Board or similar. In addition to the model C that will be put up for offer, there is an older model B which similarly will be put up for any offers or ‘to a good home’, email.

Launch fuel. Currently one tank is still residing in one of the filing cabinets. The two filing cabinets will make their way to the tip and the two cabinets will sit side by side on the floor to ease the moving of fuel when it is being taken out.

Additional air horns will be purchased to ensure we have coverage for fire safety with spares.


General: £28,410.14
Savings: £11,290.20
Social: £409.79 (+£1128.55 in new social)

Major recent spends: CoxOrb and Liability Insurance.

Accounts for AGM. KH and RH will go through accounts, matching up payments with receipts/invoices and identify any of the ‘miscellaneous’ spends. Aim for mid-March to have a version of accounts for committee before circulating the final accounts for the Membership two weeks ahead of the AGM.

It was reminded that expense claims are capped at £100 before committee approval is required unless the spending has been granted as part of the sending plan. Upon payment of reimbursement, RH will send a confirmation email detailing the payments.

Now that’s the new social account is active, the balance in the old social account is to be transferred and then the account closed. KH

Rowing and Facilities Development:

The bridge is coming to a state where replacement of a number of the sleepers is required. There was discussion was had over replacing all the sleepers together. As a few are wearing it is better to replace them in one go rather than a few now and a few more later. Sleepers cost around £15 each so a spending cap of £800 to replace all forty-eight, including any associated costs, was agreed upon.

A loft ladder for the boiler room has been purchased and now needs only to be fitted. KH to organise.

Proposal from Keith regarding some boat maintenance has been received. The proposal put forth included rigging of boats, checking and refitting of boat internals, assessing boats for more extensive repair writing up a report on each boat detailing the work undertaken and setting up of blades. The plan was to start with singles and progress upwards through the fleet to bring all boats up to a safe standard.
KH was asked to step out while the remainder of committee talked through the proposal.
As a general principle, it was agreed that the work was required and the quoted figure of £600 was suitable given that the following amendments and conditions are made to the proposal:
– KH must have his liability insurance in place and proof that is ahead of work commencement.
– Only work that requires a more specialised skill set that the majority of the club does not have is carried out, thus setting up of blades is not included.
– The order in which boats are worked on is changed, prioritising those boats which are in greater demand, including the doubles that are still out of action following their collision, to get them back on the water.
– All work to be carried out will be done so at a suitable level of competency.
– All parts required are to be purchased through the Club.

Repairs are needed on the ladies toilet floor. The damage that has occurred is age related and connected to the building being a wooden structure. The plan for the work required is to strip the flooring down to the bare breams and replace all the materials from there. Depending on how well the altro flooring comes up, it may be put back down or alternative flooring (tiles) will be used As an estimate, it should take no longer than a week for full completion, and during this time the ladies toilets obviously will not be usable. KH and SW to orchestrate.

Replacement of the doors into the end room are in motion. KH organising.

Coaching, Welfare and Safety:

A number of juniors will be attending the Junior Inter Regional trials next weekend, 4th February. Two singles and one double. They are wished the best of luck.

With the influx of juniors after the learn to row courses, there is now a clear divide in those who are still developing and those who are at a competing level. As it stands, by having all juniors down at the same time it not helping any of them progress further at a decent rate. Consideration needs to be given to how best to overcome this issue, how the group is split up possibly having two separate sessions. SW to follow up.

It is also hard to plan for the juniors due to not knowing who will actually be down for any one session. A method to identify who will and will not be down needs to be out in place.

Over the weekend of 10th-11th Feb, there is a senior training camp on the lake, the cost of the weekend is £50 which covers three sessions per day. There are two singles and a double going. Trailering to be confirmed. TI sorting out.

It has come to be apparent that following the Learn to Row courses, there is very little follow up for those who become members in the same way that there is minimal support for others who join throughout the year. Previously, elements of an induction booklet have been compiled by various members, including the captain notes and notes about the social side of the club do that new starters have all the information they need about the running of the club.
SM/SW/KH to pool the materials they have.

Suggestion for a club training camp was raised. Idea to go down to Reading with Charlie for a long weekend. Depending on numbers, it could be possible to book out a B&B or similar for accommodation. TI to source numbers and details.

SW has spoken with Vicky about putting together a Club Welfare statement for the Club. This in line with RowSafe and Vicky has one from Leicester as a template.


This year’s annual dinner will be held on Saturday 14th April 2018. The date has been booked as have the caterers. Menus now need to be decided.

A date for the Summer Ball has also been set: Saturday 21st July. So far a select number of people have said they can help in some capacity on the organising committee but more members would be greatly appreciated. A theme is still to be decided upon.

External event this Saturday, 6pm – 10pm. A small do, the bar won’t be in any great demand, mainly soft drinks.

An evening mixer event for LBC and SD will be arranged for Friday 23rd February. This may be an evening BBQ, Bring-a-Dish, games or quiz night or something similar. KH to speak with Mike from SD for any further details and to finalise arrangements.

External meetings:

Nothing to report.


Provisional date set as Saturday 21st April, 10am.

As picked up on before, the exact details of the different membership types need to be clarified and put forth at the AGM. All committee members to work on the details.



Next meeting:

Thursday 22nd February, 6.30pm

End of meeting