Present: Stuart Ward, Robert Parks, Keith Hudson,

Apologies: Don Wix, Sandra Martin

Minutes from previous meeting:

Minutes were approved.

Finance and fundraising:

All accounts have been externally verified and full club has had the chance to view them ahead of the EGM this Saturday. A signed statement of verification from the verifier to be sought.

This year’s accounts (year end 2016) are all in order, all receipts and payments have been recorded and just require compiling as per the 2015 account headings. RP to organise.

Current balances (31st December 2016):

Social: £  2019.02

General: £24085.53

Savings: £11288.22

The difference between the closing balances from 2015 and 2016 has been in a large due to our minimised spending and the extra has been raised almost solely from external events including sponsorship of Soar Head.

RP to source a second card and reader for membership secretaries to have access to accounts to see when members have paid.

Rowing and Facilities:

KH put forward a Club Management Scheme 2017 to encourage all members to take on a role within the club. The list of jobs covers all aspects of the daily running of the club. Without the help of every member, the club would not be sustainable. The alternative to this would involve a substantial increase in membership fees.

Amendment to be approves to membership form to include a note about by becoming a member, you accept that you will take an active role in the upkeep of the club.

List of jobs to be placed on website with minutes.

Coaching Welfare and Safety:

SW pointed out the club’s new year’s resolution: “I will try to keep myself and other rowers safe by wearing bright clothing when I am on the water, shouting ‘Ahead’ when I see nearby crews ad responding to warnings”

ClubMark had a break in approving clubs and has reinitiated. There is however a change in the accreditation criteria which needs to be completed. SW with JS will catch up on this.

SW will organise a training session on the use of the AED to be held at the club following the regional session on 4th January.

Social Activities and Events:

Any Other Business:

No other business.

Next Meeting: Thursday 16th February 2016, 6.30pm

EGM: Saturday 7th January 2017, 10am.