Present: Nick Maker Chair, Dev Tailor, Keith Hudson, Zoe Hudson, Dave McCaughan, Jeff Hallam, Stuart Ward, Sandra Martin, Tim Ives, Jen Smith. Guest Rob Parks.

Apologies: Mary Carswell, Adam Fairbrother, Helen Fairbrother, Kate Henry.

Minutes of previous meeting: The minutes were approved.

 Matters Arising: KH re repair of landing stage more research is required and photos are being taken to help with quotations. MC has arranged broadband facility. ZH and PK are to close the Soar Head account. Forms for the new signatories, re the new account need completing. Development Plan for Finances and Forward Planning need to take into account a figure to be set aside each year for the Trust Fund and to make provision for the replacement of our existing truck. BBM and BOC can be sent together for refurbishment/repair. BBM expenditure was previously agreed at a maximum of £1200 but in January 2013 we also agreed to £2000 being spent on the refurbishment of other boats. TI has invited RP to join the Development Plan team working on Fund raising and Events. SW/JH have checked our Throw Lines to ensure they were packed correctly. All our fleet are now numbered.

An Open Forum was held on 30th November which helped us to find an Auditor, improve our publicity, recognise that we need an Assistant Webmaster and potentially order some club blazers for those members who would like to own one. DMc to speak to Gill re Assistant Webmaster role.

Treasurer Report: DT has provided the committee with his report. Rob Parks will be taking over as Treasurer from Dev. The Committee thanked Dev for all his efforts in his role as Treasurer. Christine Agar is willing to “audit” our accounts. The £2000 grant is being chased up.

Captain’s Report: KH reported the wins since our last meeting as, Soar Head WJ18 4X+, IM2 2X, Boston Head WIM2 2-, WJ18 2X, J14 2X. Stourport Winter Head cancelled due to flooding. New doubles arrived in the 1st week of December. First used at Boston Head with success. BBM and BOC will not be repaired until after February. A set of 8 new adjustable Active –tools rowing shoes have been placed in Dame Janet with a view to adopting them in all boats as and when required. Oarsport are still suppliers of Concept II ergos. Reconditioned units are available at £500. Coaching launches are in the process of being serviced. The Cat is having transom repairs carried out and KH is to give Tom the drawings.

Social Secretary: SM stated that the Annual Dinner will be on Saturday 5th April. DMc to email members re date etc. A general discussion re the holding of a Spring Soar Head was aired and due to the logistics the decision was taken to stick with just the November Soar Head. The idea of a fun rowing event with invited clubs is a possibility for September and this will be put on the May agenda. Weddings and other events will determine if we can schedule a Summer Ball this year; due to the work load required for these big events. Coniston weekend will be 16, 17 and 18 May.

Social Treasurer Report: £5986.08.

Subscriptions’ Secretary Report: AF had advised NM that he had nothing new to report. Membership forms for juniors will be routed to Kate H and for seniors to Adam and Zoe. Adam will just provide NM with the names of new members to bring before the committee for approval and advise NM if they have paid or not. This is in keeping with data protection. Any medical issues reported on the forms are to be noted by Kate H, Adam and Zoe.

Safety Officer: JH referred to the Rowing Risk assessment and the Safety Plan which SW had produced. Our thanks go to SW for the considerable amount of work done. Some minor alterations to the plan were made, which SW will reflect in the final copy forwarded to DMc. This plan was adopted by the committee and will appear on our website. The Safety audit has been submitted.

Junior Coordinator Report: NM read the report submitted by Kate H. Kate H reported that as ever, she is very pleased with our juniors.

There is a central core that is committed to training on Tuesdays and Thursdays as well as the weekend despite their school sports, clubs and exams. We are still at our maximum number of 20, but still receiving requests from other youngsters to join. There may be one or two vacancies by the time we renew membership.

We had two junior winners at Boston: Beth & Lucy WJ18 2x & James and Sam Remer J142X

Isabelle & Hannah 3rd out of 6 in WJ14 2x (rowing up a year)

Emily & Matilda 3rd out of 12 in WJ15 2x by only 12 second.

We have a large number of juniors entered for the Junior Inter-regional trials, but are awaiting the dates for that.

The juniors have also been out fundraising for the new doubles that have arrived – they have planned bag packing at supermarket check-outs, been selling home-made cakes and sweets and have planned a sponsored walk around Rutland Water. They want to feel that they have contributed to the arrival of the new boats and would like to be consulted with regard to the naming of them if possible. (We could do with more than one cup to award to the juniors at the annual dinner, so maybe we could have previous donator’s/members names on those instead? Just a suggestion.)

A big thanks to both Stuart and Keith for all the time and effort they have given the juniors supporting and coaching them – they’re not taken for granted!

The committee agreed that we would ask the juniors for their input re naming one of the new boats. The other new boat is to be named Jennifer in honour of the late Ian Phillipps.

Junior Development Progress Report (Clubmark): Jen is to arrange a meeting with Jo Atkinson.

Development Plan:

  • Development Plans received from the following teams:
  • Coaching and Coxing, Stuart and Keith
  • Safety and Welfare, Jeff, Helen, Stuart and Jen
  • Estate and Equipment Management, Dave and Keith. Also have another version from Jeff.
  • Communication. Dave Kate and Nick
  • Membership and Beginners, Kate, and Erica.
  • Fundraising and Events, Sandra, Tim, Karen, Rob and Lizzie.
  • Finances and Forward Planning now with the secretary in draft form. Dev, Mary and Rob.

NM requested that going forward; each up dated Development Plan, (updated by those named in red above) should be forwarded to him, prior to the next Committee Meeting so that DMc. could put them on to our website, together with the minutes, for all members to see.

Web Site & Publicity: DMc said he had now put the minutes of the last meeting on our website.

KH commented on how good our website is.

External Committees: None recently attended. Regional Meeting on 7th February to be attended by KH and anyone who would care to join him. Umpires’ Spring Seminar scheduled for 8th March but venue not yet decided upon.


Committee Members – MC SW KH NM to meet to discuss the committee roles going forward.

AGM date Tuesday 8th April 2014.

Open Forum – next date Saturday 1st March 2014 at midday in the Club House DMc to email members

Code of Conduct – members being human, will from time to time make mistakes, this does not mean we can abandon our Code of Conduct at such times. We must always conduct ourselves in an appropriate manner without discrimination, whatever the age, gender etcetera of the members involved.

Solar PIR light for front gate is to be purchased by DMc.

Cleaning of Club. Agreed that the 1st Sunday in the month should be a day on which everyone helps to clean and tidy our club.

JH and DMc are to look at ways of boosting our broad band signal.

The committee agreed to spend up to £100 for a new shock cord and monitor (PM3) for the erg which is out of commission at present.

KH reminded us of the need to be vigilant re security and if you are the last member to leave the site to ensure all is secure.

The need to cut back the Willow trees resulted in a cost to the club of £600. Had members not helped with the clearing away it would have cost around £2500. It is planned to spend a further £300 in the autumn cutting back the remaining trees which need to be worked on.

Next Meeting: Thursday 6th March 2014 at 6.30pm at the Club House.