Present: Stuart Ward, Robert Parks, Sandra Martin, Keith Hudson, David McCaughan.

Apologies: Don Wix, Mary Carswell.

Minutes from previous meeting: Minutes were approved, KH asked for action plan and minutes to be provided in a different format, all agreed to use PDF for compatibility.

Finance and Fundraising:

Account signatories: RP had submitted paperwork, but moved in the process. He has had paperwork returned to correct details to be forwarded on. Will all be sorted shortly.

Gill has received paying in book for her position as membership secretary. Major spends since previous meeting: Wintech 2x/2- £3600, boat trailer straightening £120.

All payments surrounding Soar Head (pots, radios, BR fee etc) paid

Idea for fundraising raised to introduce a ’50 club’: each member pays in an amount each month and a draw at the end of the month, winner gets percentage of money raised, maybe half.

Rowing and Facilities:

Seating: Adam Fairbrother to be contacted to finalise a date when the straight section ends will be finished and buttons will be added, then payment to be made.

Tub chairs: quotes have been acquired from 2 people, one at £90 per chair with foam replaced.

Catamaran is in the boat yard, expecting repair to be between £500 and £1000 Private boat insurance forms online, KH and DMc to decide on format before being added to website.

Sunny Jim has been taken to be repaired, for the bow end estimate of £400, for fin/ rudder around £100. Due back in 3 weeks.

Extraction fans for changing rooms to be fitted and dependant on effectiveness put in showers too. Fan for kitchen to be put in once wiring has been followed.

KH to chase up contact for lighting around club.

Coaching Welfare and Safety:

SW and Gill Hepworth are organising a swim test as there are now enough new members. Date to be confirmed upon reply, will most likely be a Sunday morning or afternoon.

Annual coaching plan has been put together by SW, helps toward ClubMark.

All boats are to be checked for their boat codes ahead of when the Canal and River Trust act comes into play in April, inclusive of private boats. At the same time take an inventory of all boats and add the boat codes to the insurance documents. RP and SW to organise.

Safety level warning and some guidance to be added to information on river level on website, including a yellow warning height perhaps.

Social Activities and Events:

17th January a joint 18/40 birthday. Everything in hand, just need to move photos from end room. See other business.

There have been 12 enquires made already this year, 2 for next year and one double booked for Feb 7th.

Foot traffic to be kept out of club house before events in the adverse weather

Current social account balance £3200

SM suggested a full club open meeting to raise awareness and draw up ideas for fundraising.

Tea subs now due, £15 seniors, £7 juniors. Shane Freer collecting subs.

Any Other Business:

Photos put of end room to be sorted and kept in boiler room, removed from frames and scanned(?) pick out a select few showing aspects of the club over the year, one weekend soon.

Senior men are lacking from clubs throughout the region, need a plan to get and keep rowers. Organise club open day to attract new members?

Next Meeting: Thursday 5th February 2015 6:30PM

Thursday 12th February 2015 6:30PM