Loughborough Boat Club hosted their annual Head race on the 27th November, there was a huge entry from local clubs totalling 136 crews who were racing in three divisions. The snow prevented some clubs getting to the event, but those that did make it had a wonderful days racing on the 3000m upstream course on the River Soar. The ground was covered in snow, temperatures were freezing but the sky was a beautiful clear blue.

Loughborough entered 16 crews from novice up to masters including two junior crews. For some of the juniors it was their first head race and they did extremely well, Guy Thompson, Mellán Mcnally-Reilly, Daniel Walder and Rachel Grewcock won the race beating the other crew by over two minutes.

Doubles crew Nicola Cheesman and Julie Paillin recently lost by one second at Bedford Head, found the winning formula on their home river, winning their first glass tankards as a crew beating Peterborough City Boat Club by one minute and forty two seconds. They are training hard and are racing at Monmouth Head on the 12th December in the double.

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