Not happy with the offerings of the Midlands region Jerry proposed an outing to the Head of the Dart. A trip to the seaside, 15km race with the tide, a wide river, a diverse range of boat categories – what’s not to want.

It was a small select group that loaded boats onto Jerry’s trailer and headed south. A romantic masters couples weekend Emma and Jerry, Mike and Scott; I’m not sure Mike quite understood as he left Jen behind and turned up with his mother.

First off for Loughborough were Mike and Scott in their double. As usual they challenged the boundaries of fashion. Perhaps they should have checked the rules of rowing (7.2.5a Every competitor shall wear the racing strip of the club they represent) I am not sure they have got the United Federation of Planets on their rowing licences.

Head of the Dart 2x

Emma and Jerry in their infamous mixed pair set off near the end in “to me to you”. They had clearly intimidated their opposition from Ross who took one look and ran off well before their allotted start time to avoid the possibility of being over taken by a girl; or was it that they remembered losing to Jerry at Bewdley last year after an ancient Greek style ramming manoeuvre.

Completion was more important than competition; neither crew challenged the record time database. At least they beat all the Polynesian outrigger canoes, but it wasn’t really the weather for Hawaii five 0 or hula dancers. Despite some inclement intermittent rain, which got very heavy after the finish, a good time was had by all. I just hope Emma has forgiven Jerry for convincing her that the Dart at Dartmouth was not much bigger than the Soar!

Special thanks go to Jerry for towing all the way to Devon and Sarah who bravely took on duties as chief supporter, porter, chauffeur, dog sitter, photographer and granny minder.