The national water sports centre was yet again the venue for Nottingham Masters and Club Regatta where Erica and Zoe were first to race for Loughborough in the women’s Masters B/C pairs category. Their Barnes Bridge opposition had a 6 second head start and took off down the 1000m course, but were quickly caught up by the LBC girls. Conditions were choppy and despite a Hudson crab the girls won gold in a condition reflecting time of 4.52.


Next up Cathy and Annie took on the course in the masters A/B double category. Conditions were still extremely challenging and unfortunately due to another crabbing incident, they lost their lead to Maidstone Invicta. Much to the crowds delight though, they managed to hold on to second place beating Nottingham and Upton in a time of 5.09.
Finally, after a long wait, it was time for the girls to join forces for the Women’s Masters A coxless four race. Perhaps their performances earlier on in the day had scared off their opposition or perhaps they really did just get the time wrong, but whatever the reason it resulted in a row over; the girls, still treating this as a race, completed the course in a time of 4.16. The commentator said that they “were a excellent example of ladies’ fours rowing” and comparing the times to the other coxless fours, it was a winning time. 
And all of this in the sunshine!