Present: Stuart Ward, Allen Storey, Sandra Martin, Rebecca Hambleton, Jeff Hallam

Apologies: Mary Carswell, Tim Ives.

Minutes from previous meeting:
Minutes were accepted with one minor amendment on date for Annual Dinner needed.



General:          £41,127,68
Savings:          £11,339.30
Social:            £11,872.45

Upcoming expenses: new erg in line with annual renewal of ergs, £860. Old erg (Marlow) sold for £280. Invoice to pay and delivery/collection of erg to arrange.

Sewage system.
            Joint holding tank has been installed and telemetric kiosk base is in place, awaiting final updated quotes for the Club-side work. Suggested that we lay a conduit along side the sewer pipe should we re-route the overhead power cable.

Rowing and Facilities Development?

SM has taken on the Learn-to-Row, emailed more recent inquiries and will follow up with those who reply. TI and SM to consider how the Club encourages more new members and brings on those from the Learn-to-Row course.

Proposal to extend licence on sportlyzer to open to full Club use. TI to organise details and email club members. Next year renewal £235. Agreed.

Agreed to purchase paper towel dispenser for disabled toilet.

COVID-19 raised, members to be reminded of practice good general hygiene and in line with WHO/NHS advice. Regionally, there are very few cases (“1 to 4” within Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire). AS to email.

Coaching, Welfare and Safety:

Raised to maintain log of those attending the capsize course. This is taking place, currently in the Safety folder. RD to explore if there is a way on ClubHub to store this information.

Learn to Row course programme will follow a fuller taster day taking those interested from the ergs to the water in that time before inviting individuals down to continue their development into the Club. SM, SW and VH to lead on planning the day.


New fryer has been purchased, awaiting delivery. Fitting will be required by Corgi registered gas engineer.

Upcoming events:

  • Soar Head 28th March
  • LSRC summer event 6th May
  • Event start of July

SM to meet with MB (SD) to discuss further proposal for corporate dragon Boating events.

Soaring Dragons:

Nothing reported

Loughborough Students:

TI to confirm that LSRC have been informed of previous decision to allow trial of students making use of the club facilities during their exam periods.

External meetings:

Regional Umpiring seminar. Main points reported – previously proposed rule of blade colours being required will not be in the Rules of Racing and mention of having backstays on leading bow riggers for boats double and above will be italicised indicating a comment, not a rule.

Soar Head:

Nothing reported


RH has contacted SF with details of accounts.  


SW contacted Harris regarding Dory engine service, with minimal hours done, Harris will arrange that the service has been done.

Next meeting:

Thursday 31st March, 6.30pm

End of meeting