Present: Don Wix, Mary Carswell, Keith Hudson, Stuart Ward, Sandra Martin

Apologies: Rob Parks

Minutes from previous meeting:

Minutes were approved


Current balances:

  • Social Account: £1606.61
  • General Account: £23915.33
  • Savings Account: £11288.22

First draft on the 2016 year-end general accounts have been compiled.
Social accounts will be finalised end of next week (24/02) KH

Now that the first draft of the 2016 accounts have been compiled, MC and KH can start work on setting out a general spending plan as previously discussed, itemising necessary spends and how we much we have that can be given to other aspects of the club.

Follow up to the accounts:

Include Soar Head accounting and social accounts once finalised.
Provide a separate cost/expenditure for the truck and trailer fees for regattas and heads showing the profitability as requested at the EGM.

As we are a club that supports the competing of all members, some discussion and questions on where the money to pay for truck and trailer fees will ultimately come from. Will it all/only be from the trailer fees or is the club willing to support those racing and representing the club to an extent? Follow up after full breakdown of trailer fees vs truck/trailer expense is itemised.

RP to provide any information on

  • Itemising the miscellaneous income/expenditure from 2016
  • The difference in the gas price between 2015 and 2016
  • The change in insurance cost for 2016 year

With the change in insurance cost from 2015 to 2016, there was discussion over changing some boats to Total Loss Only. This will be followed up with the Club Management Scheme (to be approved at the AGM) under the admin team. It will be looked into to see if there are suitable reductions which can be made.

To date, club members using Easyfundraising has raised nearly £1300 for the club, email club to remind others in the club, and newer members, about E.F. It is free to use and so simple for members to help support their club when they shop online. Posters will also go up around the club advertising the Easyfundraising.

Annie and/or Cathy to be added to account signatories in order to get online access to accounts for membership subscription purposes.

Rowing and Facilities Development:

Follow up to the Club Management Scheme introduced at the EGM, KH reported that feedback to it had been positive towards it and to keep it going, the existing document of the role descriptors will be updated and a hard copy will be provided for the club. KH to organise.

Ergo servicing:

Ruaraidh and Tim have had a look over the ergs, updated the firmware on the ergs and started to give them a spruce up. Continuing this, a spend for maintenance has been presented (£427 for parts and maintenance kits) and approved by committee.

An ergo has been donated to the club by an ex-member (model C, PM2 monitor), thanks has been given. The ergo will undergo a trialling period to ensure it is in good working order. If all goes well, provisions will be made to update to a PM5 monitor (£155)

Discussion about the financing decoration of the kitchen, as the final part of the actions required to increase our H+S rating led to checking that other safety aspects were in place for the club.
Fire extinguishers are all up to date and gas service certificate is complete.
KH to follow up for electric certificate with the electrician who previously sorted the issues in the gym earlier in the year.

SM will get back in touch with Charnwood after completion of decoration for a reassessment.

A provisional plan for an ergo room extension to the gym has been created by Ruaraidh. Many thanks to him for that. KH MC to see if there are more recent or accurate plans of the existing building to be used in the design. The ones previously provided are not accurate to the building. Whilst the full glass front would be nice, the suggestion to have alternating window and mirrors to aid in coaching and being able to assess your technique was put forward. The designs currently are provisional and will be available for the club to view and comment on.

DW presented the club with an old racing photo, 19th Century. Many thanks go to him for this and it will be hung/back plated shortly.

Clubmark have been going through some criteria changes for awarding the status. Currently the new criteria are in the provisional stage awaiting their meeting to formally approve these. BR trained members are aware of all the updates and are ready to act upon approval. SW is in contact with relevant persons once the update has been finalised and approved. Jen Smith has a copy of the proposed criteria,

Coaching, Welfare and Safety:

Junior interregional selection day, March 4th, we have 4 juniors attending. If selected to represent the region (East Mids) the club will be willing to support them if the region does not fully cover all costs. The trials and event itself will take place in Nottingham.

There have been 2 junior capsizes recently, both reported. Both juniors acted as per the training, no issues followed.

A great thanks for the uptake in bright/hi-vis wear whilst out on the water along with calling and reply ‘ahead’. It is good to see that everyone is taking this on board and we are seeing the benefits of it with very few incidents.

AED training evening to be confirmed to SW, circulate when date is fixed.


A big, big congratulations to SM, and team, for all their hard work in the past year resulting in a profit of over £15000 from events being raised. It goes to show that with a little help in the right place, the social club is hugely beneficial to the rest of the club.

Kitchen to be decorated, as previously mentioned, to bring up to H+S standards. SM to contact Charnwood council for a return visit when this complete. SM also to put forward spends that are required for the social side of the club.

Annual dinner for 2017 will be on Saturday 22nd April, this is the day before Leicester regatta, however it is usually not a late night.
RD to add to website calendar and email to club.
DW to invite Loughborough town mayor, we appreciate that the timing is a little short.

Other events coming up this year:

  • 4 weddings, including Pete and Louise (in June)
  • 60th Birthday party

Next year (2018) will see a return of the summer ball. Ideally a team will start looking to organise this soon. To be added to the Club Management Scheme roles as ‘bigger club events’. KH to add. Ticket price will depend on what is provided, but it will be notably more than the annual or christmas dinners.

External meetings:

East Midlands Regional Committee.

Some discussion over getting coaches for rowing was brought up but seemingly little was solved about the issue. Varying ideas have been put forward before such as having set dates some time ahead to book on, but these have often been cancelled due to minimal sign-ups. It was raised that the general BR membership are not kept informed of this. Sec to keep club members aware of any BR events/courses.

New Personal Ranking Index (PRI) for points is in joint operation form April this year. All members’ PRI are available on their BR account. Races throughout the season will be run as either current classes or the new PRI system, but all races will still count towards your PRI. Categories at juniors and masters remain unchanged but are awarded PRI points should they wish to race open.

For the Soar Head we will follow how the 2 systems work over the year and may opt for the PRI in November.

From April 2018 there will only be the PRI.


Provisional dates of either Tuesday 25th or Thursday 27th April.

Option to pay subs via instalments/standing order to be looked into and run as a trial for 2017/2018. It will affect the accounting for the year.

Scott to be asked if he will get the accounts externally verified for the club as with the 2014 and 2015 accounts.

Accounts to complete 2 weeks prior to the AGM (latest 11th April) for committee and one week before (18th April) for club circulation.

Agenda point for next meeting – committee position. Still a place open but no-one has offered themselves to the role. There is a position open and certainly needs to be filled at the AGM.

Next meeting:

Tuesday 7th March 2017, 7.00pm

End of meeting